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One Piece is a Japanese Manga Series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. Its anime adaptation was aired on October 20, 1999. The Producers of this anime are Fuji TV, TAP, Shueisha, Toei Animation, Funimation, and 4Kids Entertainment. One Piece has total watch time is 24m and it’s currently airing. Its MAL (MyAnimeList) Score is 8.62 out of 10. The anime was adapted by Toei Animation. One Piece anime has been serialized in Shueisha’s shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump since July 1997, with its chapters compiled into 106 tankōbon volumes as of July 2023.

The Backstory of One Piece

The story follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates where he travels to explore the Grand Line in search of the mythical treasure which is known as the ” One Piece” in order to become the next King of the Pirates. The previous Pirate King was Gol D. Roger, who was the strongest and most famous person who reached the Grand Line. The World Government capture the Pirate King and decide to execute him which brought a big change throughout the World.

During the execution, the final words of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger revealed the existence of the World’s Greatest Treasure, which is One Piece. After the announcement bought about the Grand Age of Pirates, men dreamed of finding One Piece which promises an unlimited amount of wealth and fame and quite possibly the highest level of glory, and also gains the title of the Pirate King.

Now the series follows the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates, as they explore the dangerous oceans, and lands, furthermore in search of One Piece. Monkey D. Luffy, is a 17-year-old boy who goes against the standard definition of a pirate. Rather than the popular image of an awful, tempered, toothless pirate destroying villages for pleasure, Luffy’s reason for being a pirate is one of pure thinking: the thought of an exciting adventure that leads him to amazing people and ultimately, the promised wealth.

Following the footsteps of his childhood hero who was Shanks, Luffy, and his crew travel across the Grand Line, encountering many crazy adventures, discovering dark secrets, and defeating strong enemies, all in order to reach the most desired of all fortunes- One Piece.

Main Character and His Crew in One Piece

One Piece’s story mainly revolves around the character name Monkey D. Luffy who wanted to be Pirate King one day. In Luffy’s crew Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, Nami, Chopper, Nico Robin, Brook, Franky, and Jinbe including Luffy. This crew name is known as Straw Hat Pirates. Below we share the table of the Straw Hat Pirates details.

Sr. No. Straw Hats Name
1. 1 Monkey D. Luffy
2. 3 Rononoa Zoro
3. 5 Vinsmoke Sanji
4. 8 Usopp
5. 10 Nami
6. 2 Tony Tony Chopper
7. Robin Nico Robin
8. 4 Franky
9. 7 Brook
10. 2326595 removebg preview 2 Jimbei

These are the important characters in One Piece around which the whole story revolves. We should talk about the other crew of One Piece.

How many characters are in One Piece

In One Piece there are around 1100+ characters in the whole series. Also, there are many crews of Pirates, Marines, and others present due to the story buildup getting interesting. Throughout the journey of this series, many characters are provided to us to cheer things. This list includes the most loving and cheerful characters like Luffy and Ace where it also provides the most terrifying characters like Doflamingo and Blackbeard. Now we will explain the Pirates, marine, and emperors crews in One Piece.

Straw Hat Pirates

In One Piece, the main characters of the story are all the members of the Straw Hat Pirates which is a crew of ten pirates made by Monkey D. Luffy. This pirate crew was increased throughout the One Piece story. After Usopp joins the Straw Hats crew they get their Pirate Ship, the Going Merry, which was later destroyed and replaced by a larger and more powerful ship named, the Thousand Sunny created by their one crewmate Franky. After fighting with Doflamingo, this pirate crew gain a new fleet, called the Straw Hat Grand Fleet which was consist of 5,640 pirates from 7 different pirate crew. Luffy was considered to be the commander of this new fleet and organized in such a way that they may act independently, but when one crew is in trouble, then the others must do what they can to help them. After defeating the Kaido and Big Mom who were the emperor of the sea were defeated by the Straw Hat in the Wano Country Arc, the Straw Hat Pirates known as the Emperor of the sea which was led by Luffy who was the leader of the Straw Hat Grand fleet and the remaining 9 members as its senior officers.

One Piece Movies in Order-

  1. One Piece: The Movie (2000)
  2. One Piece: Clockwork Island Adventure (2001)
  3. One Piece: Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals (2002)
  4. One Piece: Dead End Adventure (2003)
  5. The Cursed Holy Sword (2004)
  6. One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island (2005)
  7. One Piece: The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle (2006)
  8. One Piece – Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates (2007)
  9. One Piece – Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura (2008)
  10. One Piece Film: Strong World (2009)
  11. One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase  (2011)
  12. One Piece Film: Z (2012)
  13. One Piece Film: Gold (2016)
  14. One Piece: Stampede (2019)
  15. One Piece Film: Red (2022)

Other Pirate Crews

This list consists of many Pirates Crew which we saw in the One Piece Manga and Anime Series.

Arlong Pirates

This Pirates crew mostly consists of Fishmen which was led by the saw shark type fish man named Arlong and their several crewmates. In this Pirate Crew, Hatchan and Nami were their former crewmates until the latter left the crew which was later defeated by the Straw Hats in the series. This Crew consists of Arlong, Hatchan, Kuroobi, and Choo who were defeated by Straw Hats.

Bellamy Pirates

This is a pirate crew which was originated from the North Blue and govern by Donquixote Pirates. The captain of this Crew is Bellamy who was known as “the Hyena”. Bellamy, Big Knife Sarquiss, Lily, Eddy, Muret, Hewitt, Rivers who sniper of Bellamy Pirate Crew, Ross who was the Swordsman of this group, and Manu who was the Combatant are the main crewmates of this pirate group.

Bliking Pirates

This is a group of Pirates who belong to Drum Island and consist of people named Wapol who was the former king of Drum Island, Chess who was a skilled archer, and Kuromarimo a underling of Wapol.

Black Cat Pirates

As the name states, this crew’s theme is based on cats which are led by their captain, Kuro, who considers them nothing but pawns to carry out his plans and if he so pleases, to die for him. The former captain and the previous first mate Django, and Siam & Butchie known as the Meowban Brothers.

Brownbeard Pirates

This is the Pirates group who had their lower body parts replaced by animal body parts by Trafalgar Law after they were badly defeated by Basil Hawkins. Brownbeard whose name was Chadros Higelyges is a large size man and the captain of the Brownbeard Pirated who has a lower body like the leg of an alligator which was added by Law resulting in making him an alligator-type centaur. Brownbeard crew members help to patrol for Caesar Clown. After the defeat of Caesar Clown, this crew surrendered to Smoker.

Caribou Pirates

The Caribou Pirates is a pirate group whose captain is a rookie and consume Swamp-Swamp Fruit which enables him to generate, control, and become a swamp. Caribou hide in the ship of Straw Hat Pirates and come back together on the surface from the sea world. He tried to kidnap Shirahosi but unfortunately failed.

Donquixote Pirates

Donquixote Doflamingo was the leader of this pirate crew. This crew is also known as the Donquixote Family which is split into three divisions, each one of them led by the top three officers. Those three officers were The Trebol Army, Diamante Army, and Pica Army. Bellamy also was a member of the crew and Caesar Clown and Disco are also their subordinates.

Flying Pirates

This group of fish man was originally founded by Vander Decken. They eventually form a team with the New Fish-Man Pirates to plot the complete destruction of Fish-Man Island by initiating a coup d’etat.

Foxy Pirates

This pirate crew specializes in pirate games also known as the “Davy Back Fight”. This pirate crew can win crewmen from their opponent and their Jolly Roger. This crew was led by Foxy whose nickname was “Silver Fox“. He is a cheater and trickster captain. He always acts confident all time but is very sensitive to insults or criticism. He consumes the slow-slow fruit known as Noro noro no mi which emits a beam on their opponent or any object to make them slow down for some temporary time.

Krieg Pirates

This pirate crew was led by Don Krieg which was considered the largest pirate fleet in the East Blue, but their ships were sunk by Dracule Mihawk.

Kuja Pirates

This is basically a tribe of women who were living on Amazon Lily, a china inspired island. In this island, men are prohibited and the leader of this Island is Boa Hancock. She is the strongest fighter of the Kuja, including her two younger sisters who possess the Zoan-type abilities of the Snake-Snake Fruit. Boa Hancock is also known as the Pirate Empress and also a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. She ate the Love Love Fruit (Mero mero no Mi) which is a Paramecia-type devil fruit. Boa Hancock is capable of all three types of Haki. She is also accompanied by her pet snake Salome, who also supports her in the battles. After the disbandment of Warlords, Boa was again the enemy of the World Government. Her island was firstly invaded by Government and then by Black Beard Pirates. She leaves the Island to protect her people and later reunite with Luffy.

Monkey Mountain Allied Force

This group is formed between three pirate captains. They help the straw hat pirates to reach the Skypiea. This group is led by Mont Blanc Cricket who is a descendent of Monburan Norando also known as the “Liar Norland”. People think he always tells a fake story or tells lies about the city of gold. Whereas Cricket, who believes that Norland telling the truth, spends many years in that city. The other two representatives of the alliance were Masira, who has an ape-like feature responsible for refloating the treasures of the Sunken Ships, and Shoujou, Masira’s Orangutan- faced sworn brother and the captain of the Shoujou Pirates who are a response to the sinking of the ships.

New Fish-Man Pirates

This is a crew of Fish men supremacists. This pirate group eventually makes a pact with the captain of the Flying Pirates to plan a complete destruction of the fish-man island by initiating a coup d’etat. They plan to execute Neptune who was the current ruler of the fish-man Island by declaring this message through Jones with the help of broadcasting. They plan to kill Neptune and take over the kingdom and then kill the Straw Hat Pirates. But, Luffy teams up with Jimbei which led them to combine attacks on the pirates resulting in defeating them and saving Fish-Man Island.

Roger Pirates

This crew is of the late King of the Pirates, Gold D. Roger. His crew was the only one to reach the Raftel. In Roger Pirates, Silver Rayleigh was the first crewmate of Roger. Another important member of the Roger pirates was Scopper Gaban who was regarded by Roger as one of his best men. Shanks and Buggy also were part of the Roger Pirates. They work as an apprentice on the crew. Kozuki Oden, was one of the crewmates of this pirate group because he can read the Poneglyphs. He lives with his wife Toki, and his children Momonosuke and Hiyori. Dogstorm and Cat Viper are also members of this crew who were originally with Kozuki Oden but they accompany Roger for one year to know the secrets of the world as well as reach the last island Raftel.

Rocks Pirates

This pirates group was led by Rocks D. Xebec who was a powerful crew that dominated the seas forty years before the current events of the series. This crew’s strength was tremendous at that time as they considered them a real terrorist organization. In the Rocks Pirates, there are some famous people in this crew Whitebeard, Big Mom, and Kaido, and the captain of the Golden Lion Pirates and Rival of Roger Shiki. All of them were defeated on the island of the God Valley by the combined efforts of Monkey D. Grap and Gol D. Roger.

Straw Hat Grand Fleet

This grand fleet is created with seven pirate crews after having helped Luffy in the Dressrosa, who swore loyalty or commitment to him. There are 5,639 pirates who swore this oath to make up the entire fleet.

Rolling Pirates

This pirate group is a part of Thriller Bark, Straw Hat Pirates were the victims whose shadows were stolen by Gecko Moria. Charlotte Lola was the captain of this crew, She was one of 39 daughters of Big Mom, and twin sister of Chiffon. She was run away from the Totto land for searching someone who truly loved her but Big Mom wanted her to marry Prince Loki of Elbaf. During her journey, she asked all the men she met if they wanted to marry her, eventually marrying Gotti.

Sun Pirates

These pirates are a group of fish-men and mermen that was originally led by Fisher Tiger and later by Jimbei. They attack anyone directly without knowing who is on it, they never kill directly. Their Sun Insignia was created to cover the mark of Celestrial dragon’s slave mark. They escaped the world nobles and during his escape, he freed other mermen/ fish-men and Boa Hancock and her two sisters. Because of the sun insignia, the world government was unable to find the slaves due to the mass confusion about whether they are Sun Pirates or not. Arlong and Macro Pirates once part of the crew, until the group eventually disbands when Jimbei joins the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

Thriller Bark Pirates

This crew belonged to gecko Moria who was the leader of the island-sized ship called Thriller Bark and a former member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Gecko ate the Shadow Shadow fruit which grants him the ability to control his shadow, allowing it to act completely independently from his body, and to control others’ shadows. After the entire crew is destroyed by Kaido, he creates a completely obedient, immortal army of zombies by implanting stolen shadows into corpses. After the Paramount War, his warlord title is revoked. In his crew, Gecko Moria, Perona, Hogback, Absalom, and the thriller bark zombies are always ready to fight for him.

The Worst Generation

It is a group of rookie pirates whose bounties exceed over one hundred million berries that have reached the Sabody at the time and are originally known as the “Eleven Supernovas”. Those people who reached Sabody are Monkey D. Luffy and his crewmate Roronoa Zoro, Trafalgar Law, Capone Bege, X Drake, Jewelry Bonney, Basil Hawkins, Eustass Kid and his crewmate Killer, Scratchman Apoo, and Urouge.

  • Basil Hawkins

He is a captain of the Hawkins Pirates, and people called by his nickname “Magician”. He ate the Straw Straw Fruit which is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to manipulate and create straw. He can create puppets like scarecrows with straw and protect himself by damaging his comrades, and opponents. He also covers himself in Straw. He has a habit of reading tarot cards to find out what is happening and the percentage or probability that will happen in the future.

He tried to make an alliance with Sratchman Apoo and Eustass Kid but after Kaido appeared in front of them, he ended up joining the Animal Kingdom Pirates as Kaidos comrade and Subordinate, by betraying Apoo and Kid.

  • Capone Bege

Bege is a famous Don Mafia who married one of Big mom daughters and become one of the Big Mom combatants. He is a Don who turned into a pirate. He has the ability to transform himself into a castle. He ate the devil fruit Castle Castle Fruit which allow him to turn and maintain a dimensional fortress inside his body. He is able to put people inside after he is reduced when he approaches the entrances of his body and becomes himself in a great castle that serves as a fortress.

He makes an alliance with Luffy and Caesar Clown to kill Big Mom because of this he married Big Mom’s 22nd daughter Charlotte Chiffon, and both of them are parents of a baby boy name Capone Pez.

  • Eustass Kid

He is also known by the name of Eustass “Captain” Kid. He has his crew with his childhood friend Killer. He ate the Magnet-Magnet Devil Fruit which is a Paramecia Type that allows the user to attract the magnet and control metal objects with the help of his magnet ability.

He is also able to utilize the three types of Haki. During the time skip, he lost his arm after an encounter with Red Hair Shanks. After the fight he attached a metal hand with the help of magnet he attached to his body. He tried to form an alliance with Sctrachmen Apoo and Basil Hawkins which ended up betrayed by them and captured by Kaido. He makes a friendship bond with Luffy in prison and plans to defeat him.

  • Killer

The killer is a childhood friend of Kid and a part of his crew. He is a part of Kid Pirates. People called him the Killer Machine. He fights with two sharp blades and always wears a mask to stand out for wearing a mask on his face. Kaido catches the killer and the kid, then he forces the killer to eat the SMILE fruit which was an artificial fruit created by Vegapunk because of its side effect killer continuously smiling.

After that, in Wano he worked for Kurozumi Orochi as a street assassin, also known by the name of Kamazo the Manslayer. To get his revenge on Kaido he joins the alliance of Luffy and Law.

  • Jewelry Bonney

She is one of the members who was counted as the worst generation and also the only female in this group. People know her by the name of Glutton because of her gigantic appetite. She ate the devil fruit which gave her the power to convert anyone into a child and a child into an old person.

After the Paramount war, she was captured by the blackboard and she was targeted by the marine, and arrested by the Navy fleet which was led by the Sakazuki. After some time, she manages to escape from them and wander in the streets by hiding her identity after the time skip of two years. During the world meeting, she expose the Marijoa to rescue Bartholomew Kuma who was later known to be her father.

  • Scratchmen Apoo

Apoo also known as the “Roar of the Sea” is the captain of the OnAir Pirates and also a member of the Longarm tribe. He consumes the Tone tone fruit, a paramecia-type fruit that has the ability to generate the voice of different musical instruments. He can transform his body and any body part into any musical instrument and generate various music and sound, however, anyone if someone ignores the effect then they can wear anything on their ear to avoid the effect.

  • Trafalgar Law

Law is also known by the name of “Surgeon of Death”. His full name is Trafalgar D. Water Law which originates from the North Blue. He ate the Ope-Ope Fuit, Paramecia type Fruit that can generate a sphere a blue spherical area around area around himself. He can cut and teleport objects as well as can perform body swaps. Because of a harmful disease, White Lead Disease became a member of the Donquixote family or pirates. He met Corazon, the younger brother of Donflamingo, and together they went on a cure for Law. When the fruit was discovered by Corazon, he was killed by his brother and because of this reason Law tried to kill him.

  • Heart Pirates

Heart Pirates consisting of twenty-one members is the pirate crew led by Trafalgar Law. Some main people of this group is Bepo, Shachi, Penhuin, and Jean Bart.

  • X Drake

X Drakw is the captain of the Drake Pirates. He has the ability of the dragon-dragon fruit which makes him a dinosaur Allosauraus a Zoan-type devil fruit. He is a secret agent of the Government Navy. He was a Navy officer who later become a pirate, but secretly work for the Navy.

Four Emperors

The four emperors are the strongest pirates. Initially, the group consists of Shanks and Whitebeard. Kaido and Big Mom make a balance of power with The seven warlords of the sea and the Navu headquarters that keep the world at peace until Backbeard’s capture of Ace. This led to creating the war between White Beard and the World Government, as a result of the White Beard’s death.

  • Animal Kingdom Pirates

This crew is created by Kaido, who is one of the Four Emperors. In this crew, most of the members are gifted with the abilities of specific animals. This fruit is created by Caesar Clown and was named SMILE Devil Fruits. These fruits have many defects which give the ability of specific animal body parts such as legs, ears, and the head, protruding from any limb of the body, like the head of an animal in the stomach or in the hand, wings in the head or the butt and the legs being replaced with the actual animal where the user’s torso is sticking out of their back.

  • Black Beard Pirates

This is a group of very powerful pirates which was led by Blackbeard. This crew has only main five members which were extended by a number of prisoners from the Impel Down and Aokiji Himself. The main member of the blackboard crew is Marshall D. Teach better known as the Blackbeard, Ten Titanic Captains- Jesus Burgess, Shiryu, Van Augur, Avalo Pizarro, Lafitte, Catarina Devon, San Juan Wolf, Vasco Shot, Doc Q, Stronger, Kuzan.

  • Big Mom Pirates

This is a crew of one of the strongest members of Four Emperors. Big Mom whose original name is Charlotte Linlin leads this crew and her crew known as the Big Mom Pirates. She is a queen of Totto Land where she rules with 46 sons and 39 daughters. She give birth to 43 discarded husbands. Charlotte is a giant that’s the reason her children’s size was bigger than normal.

Big Mom also contacted Caesar Clown to create some artificial giants. Her children have ranged from twenty-two single children eleven sets of twin children, six sets of triplet children, two sets of quadrupled children, one set of quintuplet children, and one set of decuplet children.

Big Mom is also the female character in The Four Emperors and also a former member of the Rocks Pirates. Her bounty is set by the government which is around 4,388,000,000 berries. Big Mom possesses the power of the Soul-soul fruit whose previous owner was Carmel she can give life to objects or make animals act like humans by giving them a fragment of a person’s soul transforming them into Homies. She possesses the three haki. In the  Wano Arc, she was defeated by Eustace Kid and Trafalgar D. Law where she and Kaido fell into a volcanic chamber before its eruption. It is unknown if they survived or not.

  • Buggy’s Band of Pirates/Cross Guild

It is circus themed group of pirates whose captain name is Buggy the Clown, one of the Seven Warlords after the 2-years time skip. Buggy ate the Paramecia type Chop chop fruit which give him the power to separate his body parts and control them independently. Buggy was also in the crew of Roger and accidentally ate the devil fruit because of Shanks. Buggy escaped from Impel Down and some other escapees join the crew of Buggy. But the government breaks the rule of the Warlord system, and with the collapse of this system Buggy and other warlords become wanted once again. When the government attack buggy commences, by pure luck, Sir Crocodile and Dracule Mihawk arrive which looks like the marine and Buggy’s crew think the two other ex-Warlords are in command. After Crocodile and Mihawk agree to let Buggy take the Public face to their new Organization, Cross Guild. In this pirate crew, the buggy was the figurehead and the other two are the actual heads. In no time this crew become so powerful they offer their own bounties against the Marines.

  • Red-Haired Pirates

The pirate crew was led by Re-Hair Shanks who is a swordsman and captain of the crew. He can use the Supreme King color of Haki. In this Crew, there are the following members which are Ben Beckman, Lucky Roux, Yasopp, Limejuice, Bonk Punch, Monster, Building Snake, Hongo, Gab, and Shanks himself. 

  • Whitebeard Pirates

The captain of this crew was WhiteBeard aka Edward Newgate. In this crew, there are sixteen division commands who were in charge of each 100 men. Former member Blackbeard left the crew and starts after murdering Thatch. Kozuki Oden was also a part of this crew. After the death of the following crew members death by blackboard, some of the remnants went into hiding after falling to avenge his death.

World Government

This is a government regime that rules over the world and controls 170 nations by their laws. This Government is led by Imy and publicly by the five elders.

Seven Warlords of the Sea 

Some of the popular devil fruit users in the One Piece world are:

Devil Fruit User Devil Fruit Name Devil Fruit Type
Monkey D. Luffy Hito Hito no Mi Model: Nika
(Human-Human Fruit, Model: Nika)
Mythical Zoan
Blackbeard (Currently)
Gura Gura no Mi
(Tremor-Tremor Fruit)
Blackbeard Gura Gura no Mi
(Dark-Dark Fruit)
Trafalgar D. Water Law Ope Ope no Mi
(Op-Op Fruit)
Akainu Sakazuki Magu Magu no Mi
(Magma-Magma Fruit)
Kaido Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu
(Fish-Fish Fruit, Model Azure Dragon)
Mythical Zoan
Buggy The Clown Bara Bara no Mi
(Chop-Chop Fruit)
Portgas D. Ace (Previously)
Sabo (Currently)
Mera Mera no Mi
(Flame-Flame Fruit)
Marco the Phoenix Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix
(Bird-Bird Fruit, Model: Phoenix)
Mythical Zoan
Charlotte Linlin (Big Mom) Soru Soru no Mi
(Soul-Soul Fruit)

Where to watch One Piece dubbed?

One Piece already set the record of being longest running anime series in anime history. Still, many fans are not aware of where to watch it online. This anime makes its debut in 1999 and currently, Luffy Gear 5 in One Piece makes hype on the internet.

Final Words-

So we hope you get all the information regarding the One Piece