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Episode 2 titled Trainer Sakonji Urokodaki is almost a 24-minute-long episode. After burying all the family members, Tanjiro starts his way to Mount Sagiri. In the last episode, Giyu told Tanjiro to ask the help from the Urokodaki because he knew the treatment for the Nezuko. Before going on the journey, Tanjiro asked for the old basket and bamboo to carry nezuko in from the local farmers. Local farmers are happily ready to help as Tanjiro is willing to pay the price. However, they don’t want to let money from the tanjiro but he forcefully gives the money to the farmer. After denying the payment for so many time because the basket has holes and it becomes old, Tanjiro stubbornly pays the price and happily runs away from there. Farmers yells at him but seeing both siblings makes them happy as well.

To protect Nezuko from sunlight Tanjiro hides her near a dirt tunnel. Tanjiro reached there and called nezuko to come out from the ground dug. But she was afraid of sunlight and all the past incidents. She didn’t want to come out because if a demon came into contact with sunlight it would vanish out. Tanjiro repaired the basket so that he would carry her into daylight as well. He asked Nezuko to shrink her size to fit into the basket and he strapped her on his back to continue the journey for the trainer Urokodaki. Tanjiro asked for directions from a local lady to go to Mount Sagiri. The lady also warned him that traveling late at night would be fatal for them so they have to be careful while travelling at night. This is because the demons get more active at night.


During the night, both the siblings reached a temple where lights were turned on. They decided to enter the temple but the unusual smell of blood made Tanjiro worried. As they enter they catch a demon eating the corpses. It makes Tanjiro frightened. Demons warned Tanjiro to get out of their business as it is their place to kill people; Seeing so much blood also activated the demon cells of Nezuko causing salivation.

As the demon gets to know that Tanjiro is basically a human he directly attacks him but Tanjiro cuts the neck of the demon with his hatchet. Impressed by Tanjiro’s skills, demons regenerate his wound in no time. In a fraction of a time, the Demon attacks Tanjiro with incredible skills and grabs his neck to kill him but suddenly Nezuko runs and kicks the demon’s head off to save his brother.

However, the demon did not die that time, momentarry he kept the Nezuko’s feet and attempted to attack her. Nezuko kicks the demon’s head out of the way making the demon surprised. He asked why a demon had a companionship with a human. Suddenly, the remaining beheaded part attacks Nezuko, and the head attacks Tanjiro.

Tanjiro cannot understand how to survive the attack so he angrily headbutts the demon with his hard skull making the demon for the moment. As the demon attached to his hatchet, Tanjiro threw the hatchet with the demon’s head into a tree that pinned the demon into the tree. Tanjiro starts to fight for his sister and finds that it becomes difficult for nezuko to fight against the demon. As he attacked the demon, he pushed him to the cliff of the mountains and found nezuko holding Tanjiro against the mountain to help him. Doing so she successfully tackles and hurls themselves over the edge. But the demon’s head struck against a stone and his head became unconscious for that time.

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Tanjiro takes the knife to kill the demon but finds that the demon’s smell is different from the demon who attacked his house. He didn’t want to kill him but thought that he would kill more innocent people if he failed to kill him.

Suddenly, a masked man appeared on the back side of Tanjiro informing him that he couldn’t kill him with this knife. The masked man motioned him towards a rock but Tanjiro cannot grab the power to kill him. He froze for a moment to think about what to do next.

It makes the masked man disappointed as he wants to know why he didn’t want to kill the demon. A scent catches the man’s attention and he understands that the young boy is too kind to kill demons. However, the demons awake and try to attack Tanjiro but due to sunrise, the demon’s body vanish with the light ray. This makes Tanjiro more fragmented because a small amount of sunlight causes the demon’s body to turn into ash. He finds nezuko to hide her from the sunlight. However, seeing her sister in the bucket makes him relieved as she is protected against the sunlight.

The masked man revealed his identity as Sakonji Urokodaki and asked if Giyu sent him there. However, Sakonji lectured him about the cons of her sister becoming a demon and asked questions from the Tanjiro which he had no clue how to answer. He criticizes Tanjiro and slaps for carrying a demon on his shoulder. He even told her that If someday Nezuko starts to eat someone then you have two choices, one to kill her or second kill herself.

That’s what it means to travel with your sister who became a demon“.

Tanjiro promised that she would not kill anyone in the future. Agree on this, he told him to follow and conduct a test to acknowledge the true power of Tanjiro. He told Tanjiro to follow him with her sister to chase. Tanjiro chases Sakonji who runs faster at a regular pace in front of him. Tanjiro was surprised to see the speed of the Urokadaki at this old age. However, he told nezuko to keep faith in him as Tanjiro struggled to hear the feet sound of Urokadaki. He told her sister to have patience because she was being battered as Tanjiro sprinted to get near the masked man.


Tanjiro somehow managed to reach the masked man’s house and asked him if he had passed the test. He barely control his breathing but Sakonji told him that he had to pass many other tests including climbing mountains and trying new combat rules making Tanjiro scream.

Both Tanjiro and the masked man make their way to the mountains. He instructs the boy to reach down the mountain before sunrise. If he does so then he will pass the test. Tanjiro felt dizzy as he never climbs that height in his lifetime. Initially, he thinks it becomes a daunting task for himself but later he finds a way to reach the way down the mountains.

Urokodaki taking care of her Tanjiro sister and waiting for Tanjro to come. After successfully passing the test, the man agrees to accept Tanjiro as his student.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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