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In the last episode, Tanjiro met Urodaki and killed a demon. Episode 3 titled “Sabito and Makimo” ran over 24 minutes. The episode starts with Tanjiro, sitting and writing his training journal for Nezuko but she is sleeping. However, Tanjiro mentioned all the details in the journal so when Nezuko woke up she would get to know about his training.

Although He looked worried Urokodaki assured him that he was fine and just used sleep for recovery purposes. Sakonji takes Tanjiro to the Training point and describes Demon Slayer. As we all know Demon Slayer is the special branch that is unauthorized by the government to take care of humanity. Demons have the ability to regenerate however demon slayer doesn’t as they took their whole life in danger to protect humanity. He told him about another trainer who mentored many students to become Demon Slayer.

Urokodaki told Tanjiro that there were many demon slayers who used to train their students in their own way. So he has to find a way to train himself to finish a test to become a demo slayer. Sakonji told him that he had the right to send Tanjiro to the test or not. Mount Fujikasane Mountain already started the test for the final selection.


Tanjiro started the training to qualify for the test but as he got stronger the hurdle also became stronger. His sense of smell getting stronger but the trap also gets stronger by the time.

Sakonji told him the basics of the swords and revealed the secret to cutting down demons or using the blade at the right angle to kill the demon. Also, he used to write a journal for Nezuko so that when she was awake she got to know about what Tanjiro was doing when she fell asleep.

In the next few days, tanjiro was used to getting the training quickly. Sakonji repeatedly told him the primary goal was to learn the technique swiftly as the exam had to occur in the past few days. Tanjiro gets a chance to hit Sakonji in first place in the next few days. However he was unable to hit Sakonji due to the durability and agility at the same place.

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