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Episode 4 titled “Final Selection” in which Tanjiro cut the boulder into two pieces and realized that he won because he detected the smell of the tiny thread. After that Tanjiro got to know that by total concentration he was able to detect the smell.

He was shocked to see his potential and suddenly Sakonji appeared and told Tanjiro that he didn’t want Tanjiro to be successful in this final task. This is because, already many students were killed during the Final Selection. Then Sakonji is also impressed by Tanjiro’s skill as slicing the boulder is not a cup of tea for everyone. Then he told some powerful words to Tanjiro and hugged him by calling him a “unique boy”. Also, he whispers in Tanjiro’s ear to get the selection in the final selection training.

At midnight, Tanjiro and Sakonji celebrated Tanjiro’s final training at his hut. This time, Sakonji made more food than before and told Tanjiro that his training had paid off, and there was nothing left that he could teach him. After that, there would be more challenging demons for whom his training would not be sufficient. He had to prepare himself for that. Sooner or later, Tanjiro had to become stronger, so on this night, he had to overcome his shyness.

Tanjiro prepares himself by cutting his hair and Sakonjil warns him that Demon gets power by eating human blood like we used to get power by eating food. Demons are various types that gain power and use different kinds of spells. Before going, Sakonji gives him a fox mask having some kind of spell that helps him to protect against any harm.

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He prepared himself for the final selection by saying goodbye to her sister Nezuko. He was sad because there was no change in the Nezuko but he promised that one day he would transform her sister into a human again. Sakonji also gave powerful words to tanjiro and said to not worry about anything. Tanjiro also told Sakonji to say hello to Sabito and Makomo. Hearing those names make Sakonji stunned as they were the dead child.

Tanjiro reached Mount Fujikasane where a number of trainers were already present to pass the final selection. There were many wisteria flowers of purple color. A pair of twins pointed out all the trainers that they had to survive for the seven days in the Fujikasane. Demons are trapped by Wisteria flower so all have to survive to pass the test.

Now Tanjiro has to survive for straight seven days. So he made mind to survive for this night only because in the morning the demon would disappear because of the sunlight. As he directed toward the east he detected a scent of a demon. The demon attacked tanjiro from the sky and the impact was so huge that the ground divided into. Tanjiro was able to dodge the attack but then another demon appeared and tried to attack Tanjiro again. Now both demons clash with each other to kill Tanjiro first.

Now both the demon attack Tanjiro which make him more anxious but he remembers the knowledge acquired during the training. He uses Water breathing Fourth form: Striking Tide to find the fine thread and kill both demons in one slice. Tanjiro thanks himself because of the training he was successful in killing these demons. Sakonji already explained to him that demons will only killed by a special sword i.e. Nichirin Swords. Both the demons vanished into the ground.


After some time he found a boy who was terrified by the environment and wanted to leave the field. A demon was following the boy and already captured many applicants. The boy fell down and tanjiro noticed everything from behind the tree. The demon captured the boy but Tanjiro attacked the demon and cut his hand.

On the other hand, Sabito and Makomo were worried as they wanted tanjiro to survive in the competition. However, both were uncertain about that because there were many demons across the mountain to handle.

Tanjiro used Water Breathing, Second Form: Water Wheel to save the boys from the hand of Demon. It makes the demon furious and seeing Tanjiro’s fox mask he is happy as he is another student from the Sakonji. He also asked about the year from Tanjiro which is the Meiji era. Hearing this, Demon becomes more furious because Sakonji was the one who captured the monster on this mountain about 47 years ago. It make Tanjiro surprised because no monster ever lived so long in the entire span of time. He also stated that he had already eaten 50 applicants for the Final selection of which 13 were Sakonji students.

The demon also takes the name of the special Sakonji student whom he had killed in the final selection making Tanjiro angry. Tanjiro was surprised because he didn’t know they both were killed but also horrified at how he managed to see those kids. Demon continuously talks about the fox mask which irritates him and he is ready to attack the demon. However, he was not fully concentrated so the demon threw Tanjiro toward a tree making him unconscious and breaking off his mask. Now tanjiro gets a visual of his brother Shigeru who just wants his brother to get up and fight against the demon. As the demon tries to attack Tanjiro he wakes up and dodges the attack.


Now Tanjiro sliced the demon’s arm into many pieces but his arm healed at no time. It makes Tanjiro more anxious. The demon told him to attack his neck to kill him but he knew no one was able to do so even Sabito was killed by attempting to do so.

Tanjiro wants to stop this demon from killing other innocent people so tanjiro prepares himself to head on-head with the demon. On the other side, Makomo looks worries as she doesn’t want Tanjiro or any other Sakonji students. She asked his brother about the outcome but he was pretty sure Tanjiro would be successful in defeating the demon as he sliced the largest boulder. The episode end here.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  • Tanjiro Kamado
  • Sabito
  • Makomo
  • Sakonji Urokodaki
  • Nezuko Kamado
  • Girl
  • Blonde boy
  • Scarred boy
  • Attendant 1
  • Attendant 2
  • Hand Demon
  • Shigeru Kamado
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