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Episode 6 titled The Swordsmen and his demon companion is almost 24 minutes long. In the last episode, Tanjiro successfully defeated a demon to become a demon slayer. He also grabs the color-changing sword which is useful to kill the demons. Although, Tanjiro is all set to start his first mission to save the girl from the northeast. Sakonji provides him with a dress that is made of lightweight special fiber that protects him from water, flame, and weak demons. Tanjiro seems to be happy after getting his new dress and first mission. 

However, tanjiro black swords turn into Nichiren blades which is a sign of unfortunate informed by the Sakonji. But Tanjiro told him that, he had no choice but to stop and just wanted to turn Neuko into human form again.  Sakonji prepared a new box for Tanjiro made up of lightweight wood so that he could carry Tezuka in the daytime having more durability.

Tanjiro felt happy after picking the box as it is lightweight and he could easily put Nezuko in it. On the next day both the siblings set for north Western direction. On the way, Tanjiro asks Nezuko about her health but he reminds the Sakonji words that Nezuko recovered herself by sleeping not by eating human blood. Finally, he reached the destination and found a dazed man Kuzumi. Kuzumi’s girlfriend was the last victim which all the townsfolk are talking about. After hearing the chitchat of townsfolk Tanjiro asked Kazumi about the demon.


Kazumi told Tanjiro that a demon suddenly appeared caught his girlfriend and disappeared. He takes Tanjiro to the place where his girlfriend disappears. Tanjiro believed the man and started to smell the Demon’s presence. He successfully catches the demon’s footprint in the air and follows the path to catch the demon. Satoko’s parents start to beat Kazumi when they come to know about Satoko’s disappearance as they believe that Kazumi somehow killed their daughter. 

Tanjiro followed the smell and continued to look into the town for the demon and Kazumi also followed him in search of his girlfriend. However, in the daylight, it becomes more difficult for someone to detect the demon’s presence. Kazumi informed Tanjiro that the demon is more lethal to everyone so they have to stop the investigation during the night. Tanjiro told him that these demons are mostly active at night so he has to continue to smell until he find the demons. Kazumi was surprised but believed what Tanjiro said.

He starts to feel the Demon’s presence in the night. However, a woman disappears in a dark and swampy puddle making women unable to scream in the other part of the town. Tanjiro senses the smell and runs toward the swampy puddle. Kazumi is stunned by the jump of Tanjiro. Tanjiro stands against a wall and detects the both demon and woman’s presence. The scent becomes stronger making Tanjiro stab his sword into the ground causing the demon to come out inside the ground.

Tanjiro’s sword hit the demon’s legs leading to the throw of the woman in the air and the demon slayer caught the woman. The demon looks at Tanjiro in a furious manner as Tanjiro also remembers the Sakonji words that the demon has unique abilities of Blood demon art. Tanjiro caught the woman in his arms and the demon returned to its portal. Kazumi takes the girl’s responsibility so Tanjiro will kill the demon. However, Kazumi is frightened but the Demon Slayer looks for the blueprint of a swampy demon.


Tanjiro starts to notice the area and suddenly three swampy demons appear from inside the portal and try to grasp Tanjiro. But Tanjiro successfully uses the Water Breathing Eight form to deflect the demon attack. However, he started to remind me of the demon progenitor who has the ability to transform any human into a demon and his name is Muzan Kibutsuji,

By Tanjiro’s attack demon succeeds in preventing Tanjiro’s attack causing minor damage to them realizing tanjiro that they all are the same part of the demon. He asked demons about Muzen and how he turned demons into human form again. One of them again attacks the girl but Tanjiro senses the attack and uses water-breathing second form: a water wheel which causes severe damage to the demon.

Tanjiro somehow managed to prevent a demon attack and interrupt him from causing any damage to the Kazumi. He knew that he couldn’t use his full-fledged attack until Kazumi and the girl stayed here. So he ordered them to run away from the ground. One of the demons told tanjiro to stay away from her because they wanted to devour the girl’s blood as she already turned 16 and as time passed the taste of the girl would be devoured. 

Now all three demons appear and a one-horned clone shows them all the collection of hairpins of the victims. Kazumi sees the red color ribbon in the demon jacket making him cry. Demons start to attack tanjiro but tanjiro is in a rage after hearing the chit-chat from the demons. He also remembered the incident that made Nezuko turn into a demon which filled him with rage.


Tanjiro failed to attack demons but later Nezuko attacked one of the demons. It makes demons confused and makes them realize what to do after that. All the demons disappear into the ground and Nezuko touches Kazumi and the girl remembering his family in them.  Sakunji already hypnotize the girl making her realize that all the demon are their enemy and humans are their friend. So she has to protect them at any cost. Nezuko ran towards the demon to launch an axe kick. 

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