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Episode 7 Titled “Muzan Kibutsuji” showcases the story progression. In the last episode, three demons tried to attack tanjiro and Nezuko. However, both siblings were ready to conquer what came their way. Nezuko helps his brother by attacking one of the swap monsters by coming out of the wooden box.

By Nezuko Intervention Tanjiro successfully overpowered one of the swap monsters. As we all know, Urokodaki trained her by saying the fact she would have to protect all humans no matter what. After coming out of the box she saw Kazumi and the girl as her siblings.

These clone demons sense the Nezuko power so they manage to hide themselves for a few moments. Tanjiro tells Nezuko to come back but Demons attack Nezuko at that moment and somehow she successfully defends the attack and returns to the box. It makes Tanjiro frightened so he decides to go down below the swampy portal in order to protect Kazumi and another girl. Swappy monster engages in the fight with both siblings but Tanjiro knows he has to take the first step to save humanity.

Tanjiro handed one swampy monster to Nezuko and entered the portal. The Portal looks like a room full of darkness with the dirty clothes of past victims. The portal makes it difficult to breathe for Tanjiro but by looking at the victim’s clothes he rages in anger. One Horned clone looked happy at Tanjiro as it was a disadvantage for Tanjiro in the swamp domain.


During the practice session, Tanjiro successfully completed his training under the thin air of Mount Sagiri which is why he was ready in the portal to defeat these demons. So due to the vicious training, no one has the power to overcome his strength in low thin air. He attacked both swamp monsters but both clones successfully deflected in the other direction, making it difficult for tanjiro to understand the monster’s next moves.

The clone demons look swifter in their domain making it difficult for Tanjiro to attack them. However, Tanjiro knows he has only to cut the swamp monster as they get close to him. All the attacks seemed irrelevant as Tanjiro had no clue what to do next. As the swamp monster gets closer to Tanjiro he uses water breathing sixth form: Whirlpool creates a hole into the swamp monster’s body and slices it into two. As a result both the demon killed instantly and their body floated into the water. Nezuko still fighting with the last demon to save Kazumi.

The last cloned demon tries to enter the portal but Nezuko fights back and prevents him from entering the portal. The cloned demon recognized Nezuko’s strength as she looked more powerful than any demon. He knows that she doesn’t know more about fighting skills but she is stronger than another demon.

The Clone demon somehow manages to hit a blow to Nezuko’s Head resulting in a forehead cut making her stunned. Nezuko stood by to soak the attack and the demon charged himself to attack Nezuko again. However, Tanjiro pushes himself out of the portal and attacks the last cloned demon to cut his both arms.


The clone demon is stunned by Tanjiro’s agility and can’t believe that he killed both the demons. Tanjiro pointed his sword toward the demon to ask about Muzan and the number of people they killed. The cloned demon becomes anxious after hearing the Muzan Kibutsuji. He shockingly gets a flashback of Muzan and how he transforms him into a demon. But Tanjiro continuously asked by threatening him for more information.

Demon gets a flashback of how badly Muzan caught his neck and threatened the cloned demon to not tell anything to anyone. Muzan blood has a special power in that he can get all the information from all the demons in which he passes his blood. So the demon decided not to tell anything to Tanjiro and attempted another major attack to kill Tanjiro. But Tanjiro kills the demon instantly for his own good.

Tanjiro gets upset as he fails to collect any information about Muzan. He quickly went to check her sister’s health and saw she was asleep to heal herself against a wall. As a demon, she quickly healed herself and tanjiro wants her sister to transform into a human again. He put back Nezuko into the box to rest well and checked Kazumi’s health as well. But Kazumi is already in the trauma after hearing that his fiancee is killed by the demon. Tanjiro told her to move on with his life which made Kazumi angered. He scold tanjiro for what he said.

Kazumi cried after getting her fiancee’s clothes, and hairpin, and Tanjiro made his way for another mission. He told Kazumi to safely move back the girl to their house in favor of apologizing. Tanjiro waved his hand and by this, he successfully completed the first mission.


Tanjiro is set to go on another mission to find Muzan. He filled with rage to kill Muzan as he killed many innocent people who did nothing wrong. Kasugai Crow gave information about the next mission to tanjiro in Asakusa City. It make Tanjiro feel more anxious as he didn’t recover fully for the next mission.

But the Kasugai crow agreed to reach the city as soon as possible. He reached Tokyo city at dawn and was in awe after looking at the building structure of Tokyo as it became a more advanced city. From tall buildings to advanced trains, he felt more dizzy. Nezuko also travels out of the box with his brother but looking at the building he becomes overwhelmed and both take a slim street way to reach their destination.

However, all goes in vain as there is no way to out of town. So he kept moving with her sister along the streets and finally reached a noodle shop. He was so tired so he prepared a noodle meal for both siblings. As he is just about to take the meal, he detects a scent that is the same as he detect while his family is killed. Tanjiro follows the scent and reaches Tokyo city and finally meets one of the strongest demon creatures Muzan Kibutsuji. He just drew his sword to kill Muzan but heard the voice of a little girl.

Tanjiro was surprised to see Muzan because he lived to be pretending a human in Tokyo town. He senses that his wife and child is not actually a demon. Here ends the episode

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