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Before this, the Mugen train arc was completed in which Rengoku battled with Akaza and ended up giving up on his life. The episode is titled “Sound Hashira Tengen Uzi” and the episode starts with the Mugen Train ending . In the last episode, we witness the true power of Rengoku who was killed by Akaza and all of our heroes feel depressed after knowing that Rengoku is no more with us. All of them yell at each other and want to prepare themselves stronger for upcoming battles. In the meantime, Rengoku Crow informed them of the death news of his brother Senjuro Rengoku at their residence. After hearing that news, his brother fall into tears as he consider his brother as his idol since childhood. Other crows informed the news of the battle of Akaza an upper-rank three with Tanjiro, Zenistsu, and Inosuke, and also spread the end of the most lovable hashira Rengoku.

Now the story moves further to where Akaza came to a boy named Toshikuni who is adopted by a family. He was admired by all of his family members but he had a life-threatening disease as he was unable to stand sunlight. The boy moved to his library room and read about some plants from a book and Akaza came to inform him about his battle against Rengoku.

However, we get to know that the little boy is none other than Muzan Kibutsuji who was in little boy form. Akaza informed that he was unable to locate the blue spider Lilly flower but on the way he killed a demon slayer, making Muzan angry. His eyes turn from black to red and he tries to curse Akaza at the same place.


Akaza is in more pain and about to die as Muzan uses his curse energy to decay his body. Muzan also told him that, there were three other demon slayers there but he failed to kill them and eventually returned back to inform me. Akaza returned back to the field where Tanjiro’s sword was dug and to dimension his frustration he frequently attacked the sword result in destroying it.

On the other side, Zenitsu tried to steal the food in the Butterfly mansion for their friend. He reminded that everyone was in pain and since the death of Rengoku, Tanjiro never smiled since that day and Zenitsu also cried on that day. AOI informed Zenistu that, Tanjiro was missing from the camp, and despite the stomach pain he continued his training. He was not recovering from the stomach injury yet so it would be fatal for him.

However, Tanjiro wants to inform Rengoku’s brother Senjuro about the news of his brother. So he followed the path of Kyojuro Kasugai crow. As he arrived at Rengoku’s residence, his father started bubbling about his elder son saying many distant words, and calling him a fool of a son.

Hearing such words, Tanjiro asked him to stop yelling such words for their son as he was one of the lovable and strongest hashira who lost his life to save humanity. Those insulting words of Shinjuro also embarrass his younger son. After that, he saw the Tanjiro Ear-rings and got to know that he was a Sun-breathing user. It makes him angry and he is forcefully tackled to the floor by Flame hashira. Also, he claimed that Sun breathing user was meant not for others.


Also, Sun breathing is known as the progenitor of all forms including water, flame, wind, sound, and many more. It is the strongest style known and Shinjuro started to accuse Rengoku again, making Tanjiro more frustrated. Now Tanjiro moved forward to Shinjuro and attacked him but Kyojuro wanted to tell him that his father was already a known hashira and it had been late. Shinjuro punched Tanjiro repeatedly until Tanjiro fell.

However, Tanjiro tries to escape and hits Shinjuro with a headbutt. Later, Tanjiro sits with Senjuro and apologizes for his behavior. He also told Rengoku’s last words to his brother and felt sorry that he couldn’t save Rengoku. Shinjuro told him not to worry as it was not his mistake. Shinjuro brings the book that Rengoku told Tanjiro which had a record of past flame hashira but as they opened the book all the pages were ripped apart making them more anxious. Tanjiro told him that he was able to perform the Sun breathing Dance but was unable to control his body at that moment. However, Senjuro apologized to him for the torn pages and told him that he would inform him as he got more information about the book.

Before returning, Tanjiro told me that one day they would also become Demon Slayer but Senjiro informed me that it needed more body power. Senjuro cries and gives him a Rengoku sword guard.

Tanjiro departs, and Senjiro tells his father to take care of himself. He told his father that Rengoku’s last message was about his father’s health. Hearing those words, his father is in pain and begins to mourn his son’s death alone.


Now on the way to Butterfly Mansion, Tanjiro meets Haganezuka who chases him with two knives. He was so angered because tanjiro already lost his prepared blades. AOI stopped Hagannezuko to calm down him.

As he walks home, Tanjiro suddenly sees his sword’s maker Haganezuka, armed with two knives. Angered at him losing another one of his blades, he chases Tanjiro for an entire day, until Aoi rescues him and calms Haganezuka down.

Now Tanjiro and his friends start training for four months and become stronger. Now they are all set for mission separately and battle against various demons on their way. Tanjiro and Nezuko chase a demon and by making a team they kill the demon instantly. He uses Water Breathing, the Fourth Form: Striking Tide.

As Tanjiro returned from the mission, he heard the crying voice of AOI. He saw Tengen Uzui, the sound hashira was just about to pick two sisters of AOI and NAHO. They cry in a panic about abducting them and decide to toss the coin. Tanjiro just about attacked her with a headbutt but Tengen Uzui knew his plan and told them he was here to pick two hashira for upcoming mission who knew nothing about anything. So he has to pick any two of them.

Tanjiro told Tengen that he and his friend would join him for the mission if he insisted on going on the mission. Tengen agreed to take them to the Japan entertainment district.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  • Kyojuro Rengoku
  • Akaza
  • Tanjiro Kamado
  • Zenitsu Agatsuma
  • Inosuke Hashibira
  • Senjuro Rengoku
  • Kagaya Ubuyashiki
  • Amane Ubuyashiki
  • Muzan Kibutsuji
  • Kakushi
  • Nezuko Kamado
  • Aoi Kanzaki
  • Naho Takada
  • Kiyo Terauchi
  • Sumi Nakahara
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