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In this episode of Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc Season 2 Episode 2 which is adapted by Ufotable. In this episode, the Sound Hashira Tenzen Uzui introduced himself as the God of Festival. Tanjiro and the gang appear to be in a bit over their heads when they offer to go with Uzui.

In the Entertainment District Arc Episode 2, We see that Uzui is less loved and respected than the previous Hashira we see in the series of Demon Slayer. The Sound Hashira introduced himself as the “God of Festivals”, and Tanjiro, Inosuke reacted to his words for the god of festivals. Tanjiro and Inosuke both immediately believe the talks of Uzui, and they believe him to be just as crazy as their boar-headed friend. The scene is quite funny since Tanjiro specifically has always seemed captivated by the Hashira in his previous encounters.

At the beginning of this episode, Tanjiro asks for the Entertainment District then Zenitsu replies that this is the location where all beautiful girl comes. Then the Sound Hashira said that he is a god and those three are dust. He said that what he says to them, they need to perform it. Then Tanjiro asks him what god he is and the Sound Hashira replies that he is the god of Entertainment. Zenitsu thinks that Uzui and Tanjiro both are fools. That time Inosuke said that he was the king of mountains and said he was happy to meet him. Then all three Tanjiro, Uzui, and Zenitsu look at Inosuke seriously. Zenitsu said he was also a fool.

Sound Hashira said he never heard of him. He tells them to follow him and leave the place. Now the scene shifted from the village to the Entertainment District where all demon slayers are present for the investigation. The Sound Hashira take all the demon slayer in the horse cart and tell them to never leave him because it is dangerous to wander free in the district. Suddenly, Zenitsu and Isosuke leave the cart to hear the words of Uzui. Then Tanjiro also leaves the cart to catch Zenitsu and Isosuke.


By looking at this, Sound Hashira gets angry and tells them to live together. Tanjiro said that in every corner there is so much flash and light even in this dark night. Then Sound Hashira tells them that this is the Nosibara Entertainment District and it completes all the desires of every person. We see Inosuke run madly everywhere and Zenistu reaches in front of some beautiful girls. Those girls tell him to come to her and they will give him candy.

Then Zenitsu blushed and ran from there. Sound Hashira Uzui catch Zenitsu and leave that place. Uzui tells them this district is very peaceful in the morning and very flashy in the night. This is the best place for a demon to live here. In this district, girls were sold to pay their debt. Here the highest-paid woman is designated as Oiran. Then the Sound Hashira goes to a safe house. He tells them once he reaches to entertainment district they need to find his wives and also find the demon.

After hearing all this, Zenistu gets angry and says they come all the way to find his wife. He tells how someone said this is a mission where they come to find wives of a person. Then Sound Hashira replies that he came to find wives who spy in this district for demons. Sound Hashira said he was not able to contact them that why he came here. Zenitsu asked how is it possible for any people to live with you.

Then Sound Hashira threw many letters on the face of Zenitsu and said here is the proof. Tanjiro said that many things happen that why they are undercover. Uzui tells them that he has three wives and upon hearing this Zenitsu is shocked. Zenitsu said how someone like you has three wives then Uzui punched him. Tanjiro tells Uzui that in this letter this is mentioned that you can’t show your real identity. Uzui tells him that this is the reason he brings all three here.


He tells them to change their getup and also tells them his wives were very good ninjas. Uzui described them when they came here to investigate that he was sure there was a strong demon living here and went to a shop to get information but he didn’t find any special news. This is the reason he sent his three wives, so they can find the main cause. He already selected the three locations for these demon slayers to find and get the news. Then Inosuke tell Uzui that till now his wives were already dead.

By hearing this, the Sound Hashira gets very angry and then the Sound Hashira punches him also. Sound Hashira then changes their look and makes them as if they are girls. Then he sells them to the location where they need to investigate. Sound Hashira sells Tanjiro for free and tells the remaining two that he spends money to sell them. Suddenly an Oiran crosses them and Inosuke tells Uzui about them. Zenistu thinks this Oiran is Uzui’s wife, and hearing this Uzui punches Zenitsu in the face and tells him that she is not his wife.

Then, one lady came and told Uzui to buy Inosuke. Then Uzui asks him who is she and she tells him that she is the lord of Ogimoto’s house. The lady gets Inosuke in her house and only Zenitsu is left. The lady removes her facial makeup from Inosuke and proudly says that she bought a very beautiful girl at a very low price. Then we see Zenitsu play guitar at a very high speed. All the girls standing there are shocked and tell that Zenistu learned anything after seeing once. They ask how anyone bought such an ugly girl here and other girls reply that this girl is not pretty but the person who bought her here was very attractive. Zenitsu gets angry because the Sound Hashira sells him free.

Now, we see that Tanjiro is working to his full potential. Some girls talking to each other and one girl said that the house lady fell from the tower’s top floor and died so we need careful. Then the other said that some girl ran away without paying their debt and this got worse after getting caught. Tanjiro asks why girls do this then other girls say that some girls run away to live their lives with their partner like Suma. After hearing the name of Suma, Tanjiro remembers that this is the name of Sound Hashira’s Wife.


Then one lady came and told us that we didn’t need to spread any rumor because no one knew where she was now. The lady gave candies to Tanjiro as a thank-you from her side and said not to share these candies with anyone. Tanjiro asks why Suma ran away from the house and those girls ask why he wanted to know the details of her. Tanjiro said that she was his sister and the lady said this is the real reason you come here. Then Tanjiro said he talked to her in letters and he didn’t think he had done asunuke.

The lady also tells him that it’s not easy to digest that she did asunuke. But the lady tells him that she found a diary in which it is written that she ran away from this house. This is the reason people think that Suma ran away from his house. Tanjiro already gets the point and thinks if anyone is eaten by a demon then people think she ran away. Tanjiro wishes for Suma’s health.

The scene shifted to sound hashira where he thinks that another day spent without any clue and how the demon hid himself here without getting noticed. Now, we see Inosuke feel very warm in the clothes, and in a room, two girls are talking to each other. The girl said Makio hadn’t come out of her room and locked the door since she came here even though she had not come to get her food. Inosuke remembers that Makio is the name of Sound Hashira’s wife.

Now Inosuke remember that Sound Hashira told him not to talk to anyone because of his voice. In Makio’s room, there is a demon who grabs her and asks her for the letter information. The demon says she wants the answer in a single time and the episode ends here. Hope you like this episode.

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