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At the start of this Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 3, Makio is captured by the demon in the Obimoto house. Inosuke approaches towards Makio’s room and on the other side Zenitsu thinks he needs to find out the Sound Hashira’s wife Hinatsuru. But he didn’t find anything strange here but also he thought that this house owner was killed due to falling from the top floor’s window. Suddenly Zenitsu heard the voice of someone crying.

On the other hand, the demon hears the voice of someone coming towards her room. Then, Makio thinks she needs to share the information with Uzui regarding this upper demon. Then, the demon grabbed her tightly and Inosuke saw that Makio’s food was placed on the door. Then Inosuke thinks either Makio is ill or in any danger. Then Inosuke opened the door and saw that in the room only cold air flowed. He thinks the doors are closed then how the air is flow.

Suddenly he saw the room’s top vibration and he said that he needed to catch this demon until any bad happening. Then Inosuke by mistake landed a punch on a man and saw with his power that the demon go down. He followed her and didn’t find the demon. On the other side, Zenitsu opens the door of that crying girl’s room. He asked her what was happening and why she was crying. Then suddenly a lady came from behind and asked him what he had done in his room.


Then Zenitsu feels a demonic presence from behind. He think he didn’t feel any presence of this demon. This means this demon is an upper-rank demon. Then two girls came and asked to excuse her. She is new in this house those girls said. The girls say that Zenitsu doesn’t know about these house rules. Zenitsu asks for her pardon and the lady says someone like her should die.

The lady scolded the crying child and grabbed her ear very tightly. now from the ear blood coming and then Zenitsu grabs the hand of the lady and tells please to leave her hand from the child’s ear. Now we see Tanjiro work like a good lady whereas the owner sees the problem created by Inosuke in the house and tells this girl is going crazy. The lady goes into the room of Inosuke to teach him some lessons but Inosuke lies down on the flow in a strange poisture. He is trying to find out the location of the demon.

On the other side, we see Zenitsu grab the hand of the lady and the lady tells him how dare she behave like that. She screamed at him to touch her and punch in his face. Now we see some days ago incident, where the house owner told the lady to stop her cruelty. She was very sad because of his cruelty and the lady told her where this house expense came from. Then the owner tells her that her eyes remember an old incident and are very dangerous and they can kill anybody. Then the owner asked her who was she and she never looked like a human.


Suddenly the owner attacked the lady. The lady converted into demon form grabbed her and dropped her from the top floor room’s window and got killed. Then the demon goes from there and approaches her room. When she entered her room she found Muzan in her room. Muzan said that she eats many people and he even doesn’t know that. He was very impressed by her and got stronger. Muzan tells her to hide in front of anyone. If she does like that then Demon Slayer Corp will find her.

Muzan also tells her she didn’t differentiate between a demon slayer and a normal human because both are human that why she needs to hide in the form of a human. He tells Daki the name of the demon that she is pretty and strong. He tells Daki that she will kill many Hashira and in the future, she will be more powerful. Now the scene shifts to the present, where Daki the upper-rank demon slaps Zenitsu, and he falls through many doors by breaking them and becomes unconscious. After touching the demon she said in anger that someone will need to teach him discipline. She will be happy if she gets this chance. Then the house owner requested her to spare her and he told her to please leave her because Christmas was near and they needed the demon girl.

After hearing this from the owner, Dabi said with a fake smile that she overreacted a little bit. She leaves the place and thinks that Zenitsu is not a simple person. After the slap, a normal person gets very injured and predicts that she is in Demon Slayer Corp but she has no potential like a Hashira. Then the demon gets ready and says what you will do now. Now Tanjiro smells a bad smell and also Zenitsu gains consciousness. Those little girls say thank you to Zenitsu for saving them and then the girls leave the room. Now we see some strips grab Zenitsu and the episode ends here. Hope you love this episode.

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