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In episode 4 of Demon Slayer, we see one lady tell the house owner that the yellow girl is not found anywhere and we give medicine to her but now she isn’t in their room. Then the master says we need to search for her. After some time, the master says to leave it, that girl perhaps safe. Asinuki leaves her here so why do we care for her? The master throws the calculator and paper on the lady and says don’t need to talk regarding this yellow girl.

The master said in anger that this would not happen if she hadn’t interfered with Orian’s matter. The next day we see, Inosuke tells Tanjiro that he feels a demon presence in the house in different ways. But Tanjiro didn’t get any point. Then he says Sound Hashira and Zenitsu will come at any time. Suddenly, we see the Sound Hashira come and say that Zenistu will not come. Inosuke tells Taniro that this Hashira is very strong and powerful because we don’t even know when he is coming here. Then Tanjiro asks Uzui why Zenitsu is not coming. Sound Hashira said that this was my mistake that I brought you here to save my wives. He said because of his wrong decisions Zenitsu is missing. Also, he can’t track Zenitsu from the previous night. He said that you should leave this place if you live here then perhaps the demon is an upper rank he will kill you both. If you both missing then I understand you both also get killed by an upper-rank demon and Uzui will handle this mission alone. He didn’t want to take the risk of losing these two young Hashira.


By hearing these things from Sound Hashira, Tanjiro said that you don’t need things alone. Then Sound Hashira said you should leave this place and save your life and Hashira leave the place. Then Tanjiro said that Sound Hashira didn’t have faith in them because of their low rank. Inosuke tells Tanjiro that they are not a low-rank demon slayer. Inosuke, Tanjiro, and Zenitsu are not promoted already. Before they were in the last position but now they are now on 4th position which Inosuke shows Tanjiro on his fist.

Tanjiro said Inosuke to meet him at Ogimoto house. Inosuke and Tanjiro both fight about why they met at Ogimoto’s house and Tanjiro replies that he didn’t check his house yet. Tanjiro confirms that there is a secret underground passage which means the demon works underground. This means right now that the demon is in a human form. Then Tanjiro said perhaps Zenitsu and Sound Hashira’s wives are not dead yet.

He asks for help from Inosuke and requests him not to die. Inosuke tells him that he also wants to tell the same thing to Tanjiro. Now in the evening, Tanjiro is coming to meet Kainatsu and say sorry for his inconvenience but he wants a favor and give a payment for Tokito house and he will leave this house. Then the lady asks why he dresses up like this and Tanjiro replies that he is a boy but he is on a mission due to which he gets getup look like a girl. Then the lady said that she already knew because of his voice tone. Hearing this from the lady Tanjiro is very shocked.


Tanjiro tells the lady that he will save everyone who was captured by the demon and then the lady thanks him. Then the demon comes in front of the lady and captures her too. Tanjiro went to Inosuke’s side suddenly he felt the smell of demons nearby. Here Inosuke was getting bored because Tanjiro was not coming. Then Inosuke changes his dress and summons Sound Hashira’s Rat. Those rats carry the swords and the dress of Inosuke.

When Inosuke was ready the house lady saw him and feared to watch him and then Inosuke checked the demon in the whole house. We see the Sound Hashira ask the Gyoku house owner for his wives. The house owner tells him that his two wives disappeared suddenly from the house. Sound Hashira asks the House Owner if he has any doubt about any person then he promises he will kill her or him. Then the house owner tells him that he has doubts about this house Orian who has he doubt. After hearing this the Sound Hashira disappeared from there. The Sound Hashira searches for the demon in the house and thinks that he has to find his wife Hinatsuru because she knows where the demon lives. He wants to kill the demon by himself. Then we see Tanjiro who comes closer with the help of the demon’s smell. Daki the upper-rank demon asks Tanjiro that so how many demon slayer like you is present here.

Then Daki tells Tanjiro that he captured Zenitsu and also asks him about the Hashira. She mocks him by saying that she can tell him by looking at his appearance because he is weak so he is not Hashira. Then Tanjiro saw that the demon grabbed Kinatsu (the lady who helped Tanjiro) very tightly. Tanjiro thinks about this demon’s full body and he doesn’t find even a single blood drop on the ground. Then Tanjiro noticed that this demon was an upper-rank six demon and told her to leave that lady. Daki the upper-rank six demon got angry to hear this and punched him. Due to the punch, Tanjiro flies and breaks many doors. Tanjiro is in shock and thinking why his body not working against this demon. He thinks that he is afraid of this demon due to this he will die soon. So he decides to fight him and decide to kill her.


The demon was shocked to see Tanjiro alive. Now she gets to know that Tanjiro is a strong Demon Slayer. Daki tries to scare Tanjiro and the box in which Nezuko sleeps is broken. Tanjiro tells Nezuko that he apologizes for he can not dragging her into this fight and says not to leave the box until she can’t feel any danger for herself. After saying this Tanjiro attack on Daki. Tanjiro landed his attack very beautifully and injured the upper-rank demon. The demon praises him and Tanjiro saves the lady from Daki. Now Tanjiro thinks that is it possible to fight with upper-rank demon without the help of Sound Hashira and Inosuke. Finally, Tanjiro makes up his mind and attacks Daki the upper-rank six demon. This episode ends here.

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