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In this episode of Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 5, we see Sound Hashira finally find Inatsuru, then she tells Sound Hashira that when she almost leaves this place that time the demon finds him and captures her. This is the reason she can’t send any messages. She wants to leave this place because the demon wants to kill all the people and the demon slayers as well. Sound Hashira said to Inatsuru that he would do what needed to be done now and wanted Inatsuru to leave the district.

Sound Hashira leaves Inatsuru and finds the demon to fight her. But the fight had already started. He hears the sound of fighting and he checks the sound on the ground for the location of the fight. He finds the location of the fighting and reaches the place. Also, Daki heard the sound of Sound Hashira and then Daki got angry. Then Daki asks Tanjiro How many demon slayers are here in the district for the demon. Daki said if he told her then maybe she would leave him. She says that Tanjiro’s sword sharpness is already weak. She tell that the person who made this sword was a noob.


After hearing this, Tanjiro got angry and defended the swordsmith. Daki got bored and told him to kill Tanjiro now. Tanjiro can’t control water breathing after the hard training. Then Tanjiro guesses his body isn’t made for water breathing style. After guessing this, he performs Hinokami Kagura which is a form of Sun Breathing. Tanjiro whenever try Hinokami Kagura always fails. Also, he can’t use it many times in a row. He wants to do Hinokami Kagura and after this, he cuts the demon’s body with fire on the sword. This visual looks amazing to watch. After watching this, the demon was shocked and Tanjiro fought her with the opening thread. Then the demon cut down the opening thread.

The demon said to Tanjiro that he was very slow and attacked Tanjiro. The demon attacked him and Tanjiro fell to the ground. He was suffocating from the air due to the Sun Breathing even though he couldn’t stand it. Then the demon attacked Tanjiro and he controlled his breathing dought her. He starts fighting her again and thinks this demon’s belt is so strong. When Tanjiro is trying to connect the thread for attack with the help of her belt she cuts it. Tanjiro increases his body temperature.

The scene shifts where we see Butterfly Mansion’s girl saying to Tanjiro that he has a high fever. She needs to inform Shinobu about his health and Tanjiro refuses to inform Shinobu. Tanjiro had been sick for the past two days and his body temperature was so high. He said that when his body temperature was high he could perform multiple time Hinokami Kagura and feels stronger. Now the scene shifted to the fight scene with the demon. Tanjiro’s body temperature is now increasing and he thinks that he can defeat this demon. Then the demon thinks that she is enjoying this fight now. Tanjiro wanted to save all the innocent people and he didn’t want to suffer any person like he did. After this, Tanjiro attacks on demon using Sun Breathing, and Inosuke searches for the demon in the whole house. He digs the whole house floor and continuously digs the ground and reaches to demon’s cave where he kidnaps the people. In the cave, he saw a long belt and on the belt, many different patterns were printed. He saw many people printed on the belt and many people’s skeletons were placed on the ground.


Suddenly, the demon’s belt asks Inosuke why are you there and what you do. The demon attacks him and Inosuke defends himself every time and cuts the belt. Inosuke one by one releases every human from the belt of the demon. The demon said to herself that she couldn’t believe the demon slayer freed all his food from him. This demon slayer can attack from any direction and suddenly Daki’s voice reaches the belt and says that you have to capture this demon slayer alive.

Then Inosuke attacked the belt but could not cut it because it was not the original body. The belt attacks the released person who is still unconscious. Inosuke tried to protect them but couldn’t reach them on time but suddenly Makio and Suma cut the belt and saved those people. They both fight with the demon’s belt. Inosuke asks curiously to those girls and these girls tell him that they are Sound Hashira’s wives. They argue with each other and Inosuke stares at them confused. Then Zenitsu appeared and cut all the belts by himself. By looking at this Inosuke said that you should always sleep. Then Makio said if Zenitsu is with Demon Slayer then why does he wear this weird dress?

Suddenly the air blows and the sound increases in trembling. We see that Sound Hashira is present in front of them. Then Sound Hashira cut all the belt parts in one single attack. The demon realizes that this much power comes from the hashira only. Sound Hashira asks for his forgiveness and praises his wives for their beauty. Some flashback is shown where we see the training of Sound Hashira’s wives where Sound Hashira gives a mission to his wives and comes alive from the mission.


The Sound Hashira gave all the directions to his wives and said that they were the precious ones for him. Now the scene shifted to the present scene where Sound Hashira praised them and for their work. Then Suma cries and Sound Hashira says that now the fight is going intense. This episode ends here.

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