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At the beginning of episode 6 of Demon Slayer, we see that the Demon and Tanjiro are fighting with each other. Then we see the pieces of the belt are absorbed by the demon. When Tanjiro almost attacked Daki she disappeared. We see that the demon is transformed and she gains more power. Tanjiro thinks that Sound Hashira is with Zenitsu and Inosuke, so he doesn’t need to think for them anymore now.

Suddenly a human comes outside the house and says What is happening here. He asks Tanjiro if Is he holding a sword in his hand and says he is mad and fights in front of his house. He says that here only customers are allowed and there is no need to make any trouble so he needs to go from there. Then the demon got angry and Tanjiro requested him not to come closer because of danger. The demon uses his demon art which causes a lot of destruction, also Tanjiro is injured as well. In that attack, many people were killed and that person’s hand was also cut.

Then Tanjiro requested him to be patient and that he would live. He said please stop his bleeding and the demon left that place. Tanjiro said to the demon that she couldn’t leave this place after that much destruction. The demon got angry and replied that what she had done was not enough, you people should be dead. The demon said that he should be dead here with these people. Tanjiro’s eye is filled with blood due to the injuries. Then Tanjiro remembers a flashback where he saw Rengoku’s father write a letter in which he mentioned that Tanjiro and Sengoku talk in a letter. Sengoku is all right now and also he gets normal. He said his wife was dead and he started drinking alcohol and didn’t take care of his children properly. He was happy that Rengoku was a good son and he started training with the help of Flame Hashira’s book. Finally, he was a Hashira.


He tells in the letter that whoever was chosen for sun breathing had a demon slayer mark on his forehead. Tanjiro remembers that this mark is not from his birth but from saving his younger brother from hot water and then he was injured from the final selection. Tanjiro’s father was born with this demon slayer mark but Tanjiro was not born with this mark which means he is not the chosen one. So he believes that whether he is chosen or not, he will not think of being defeated. When the demon was about to leave in a flash Tanjiro reached to the demon by pressing grab her leg with his leg.

Tanjiro believed this was the evil who killed innocent people and attacked her. Tanjiro said to the demon that that innocent life would not come back who she killed and neither did they regenerate. Daki thinks like she already listens to these lines in her past. Suddenly she hears a voice that asks her what is the importance of human life to you. Then she thinks who is he and why he is coming in front of her eyes. Daki thinks that this memory is not belong to her. Actually, this memory is of Lord Muzan.

Now the scene shifted towards the Sound Hashira where Inosuke told Sound Hashira that the belt flow away from here. Then the Sound Hashira shouts at him and tells him that he saved all the humans who were captured by the demon in this cave. He told him to worship him and then one of his wives told him that he should follow the belt to find the demon’s location and that the demon should not capture anybody. Then Sound Hashira comes out from the cave with Inosuke and Zenitsu. Then they went in the direction of the demon on the other side the demon Tanjiro said to the demon that once she was also a human thats mean she would also know the meaning of life.


The demon said that Tanjiro is now irritating her and she even can’t remember her past. She chooses to be a demon and she is happy with this life. The demon said they don’t need food and any ritual of eating. After hearing this Tanjiro attacks the demon and the demon uses her blood demon art. She thinks Tanjiro can’t escape from her attack. The demon got her full power and she said now she broke his sword. We see that Tanjiro cut the demon’s belt with his sword using Hinokami Kagura. The demon thinks about why she feels like burning.

Now Tanjiro destroys all the attacks of the demon and cuts her head. Now we see the demon convert her neck into a belt and Tanjiro can’t cut it. The belt was so soft that he was not able to cut the belt with his sword. Tanjiro gather all the belt of the demon and stop the attack of the demon. Demon thinks that he will not harm her with this distance. Then we see Tanjiro cut the belt in a few seconds and attack her neck again. The demon was shocked after watching this speed and attack. Then suddenly Tanjiro heard the voice of his sibling who asked him to breathe.

From Tanjiro’s mouth lot of blood came and he fell to the ground. The demon said that you human has strong heart but you can’t stand against the demons. Tanjiro feels suffocation and unconscious with hearing his own heartbeat as well. The demon also tells him that the wound would get cured so easily now and he will soon die. For that, she will help him and show him how to kill someone. Then Nezuko kicks her. Due to this demon’s head burst. Nezuko is so angry and the demon said that Nezuko was mad and did this to her.


Daki the sixth upper demon said you are the traitor whose talk is also told by Lord Muzan. Now we see that Lord Muzan was talking about Nezuko who was out of control by him. He wants to search her and kill her. He tells her that she wears a pink dress and easy-to-find girl. The upper sixth demon attacks her and Nezuko also attacks with her kick. The demon cut his leg with his sharp belt and cut and threw her into two pieces to a long distance. The demon said that Nezuko was weak and she didn’t think that Nezuko ate any human yet. This is a miracle that she was protected from Lord Muzan.

The demon said that Nezuko’s other half-body fell other side. She said that she would absorb Nezuko in her belt and leave her in the sun. Then Nezuko stands up on her foot. Then Nezuko changed into her adult form and the upper demon was surprised to watch this. On the other hand, Tanjiro fell unconscious, and in his dream, his younger brother asked Tanjiro that he is take care of his sister. In his dream, Tanjiro’s younger brother tells him that he is a soft-hearted person but when he is angry he looks very dangerous just look like Nezuko. Then Nezuko attack the upper demon at her full power and the demon cut her hands and legs. But Nezuko regenerated her legs and hands and beat the demon so badly. This episode ends here.

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