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At the beginning of episode 7 of Demon Slayer season 2, we see Nezuko put down the upper sixth-rank demon below her leg. The demon thinks how is this possible even though she cuts her legs? This means her regeneration power is greater and faster than hers. Then we see that Nezuko enjoys killing the upper sixth-rank demon. Tanjiro is still unconscious and his younger brother wakes him up in the dream. He asks Tanjiro to help Nezuko. If he did not help Nezuko then she was turned into a demon. Then Tanjiro woke up and Nezuko beat the demon so badly. The Demon cut Nezuko into many pieces. Nezuko’s blood stops the belt and the blood of Nezuko burns the demon alive. Nezuko cures herself.

Nezuko attacks the demon again and she enjoys beating the demon. Nezuko beats the upper demon so badly that she kicks the upper-rank demon with her full power and the demon flies in the air destroying many buildings. After watching an injured woman Nezuko’s mouth filled with water to eat her. She attacked the lady to eat her. Then Tanjiro grabbed her and closed her mouth with his sword and tried to stop her. Tanjiro is trying to stop her and continuously tells her that she will control it. Nezuko can’t understand anything and pushes Tanjiro into the building.


Then the demon comes again and talks to them. Suddenly Sound Hashira comes and cuts the neck of the demon and sits in front of Nezuko and Tanjiro. Tanjiro asked Sound Hashira when he was coming and Sound Hashira was angry with him. The demon talked to Sound Hashira and he said stop! you are not an upper-rank demon. Then suddenly her neck is cut down and separated from her body.

On the other hand, Inosuke said how we lost the path of God of the festival. Then Zenitsu heard a voice and moved towards that direction. Here Tanjiro thinks when the demon’s head was cut. This is done by Sound Hashira and then Hashira said to Tanjiro that the fight is not done yet. You should cure your sister very fast so we can fight now. Then Nezuko pushed Tanjiro backward and fell him to the ground. Tanjiro’s voice did not reach to Nezuko. He sings a song which was her mother usually sings during their bedtime. Then she remembers her mother and her childhood memories. She was crying and turned his shape into a little kid and sleep. Tanjiro was relaxed and the demon said to Sound Hashira that she couldn’t believe he cut the head of the demon without notice.

Demon said he couldn’t go back without correcting his mistake. Then the Sound Hashira stops her by talking. Sound Hashira mocks her continuously about her upper rank. Then the demon cried that she was an upper-rank. Sound Hashira noticed that after cutting her neck she still kept talking. The demon asks for help from her brother and a big demon shows in front of her through her shadow. Then the Sound Hashira attacks him but a big blast occurs and the new demon saves Daki the upper-rank moon. Then Sound Hashira thinks who is this new demon and why not the other demon die?


The new demon was the brother of another demon who told her that she should take care of herself and she had a beautiful face. Then Sound Hashira attacks him and the other demon injures him. The other demon said that he almost killed him but he had a good body and flexibility. The new demon praises him and says he will give him a good death. Daki then complains about other demon slayers and Nezuko. The demon then angry and scratches himself. The demon says his name is Gyutaro. Gyutaro attacks the Sound Hashira with his weapons and Tanjiro sees the new weapons of the demon. He thinks that this is not the weapon he watched before. He guessed this meant there was a new demon coming. ‘

He smells the Sound Hashira’s blood and tries to protect him. Now we see Inosuke and Zenitsu coming to help them. Tanjiro asks them to help the Sound Hashira. Tanjiro went to put Nezuko in her box. Gyutaro again praises Sound Hashira and also talks about his three wives, Then the demon gets angry. Gyutaro uses his blood demon art and Sound Hashria also uses his bomb to protect nearby people. Demon Start threw blood on the Sound Hashira and the blood wonders until it cut his target. Sound Hasdira thinks if Daki was not killed after the cut of her head then how did this demon get killed? Then Sound Hashira throws a bomb on the demon to know something.

The whole house exploded and Daki protected itself and Gyutaro as well. Both Gyutaro and Daki fight together said Gyutaro. This episode ends here.

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