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At the beginning of Episode 8 of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro puts Nezuko in the box and lifts the box. He then decides to fight till his death. Now the demon getting angry on the Sound Hashira. He is continuously jealous of his appearance, his wives, and his confidence. He says that he is different from other Hashiras. The demon says he was born with confidence that’s why he is jealous. Than Sound Hashira says he was not born with talent. Sound Hashira says he was kept in this district that’s why he doesn’t know anything yet.

He says this world is filled with amazing talent. Some people who get qualified as a hashira in just two months. The demon says in his blaze there is a special poison which was not spread in your body. Then Sound Hashira says he is a shinobi and the poison doesn’t affect him. Daki then says that shinobi were dead a long time ago so don’t tell us a lie. Sound Hashira says that shinobi are live, not dead yet. He tells about his past story of his 9 brothers of which 7 were dead and only 2 remained. He and his brother are different from each other and he doesn’t want to like him.


He wanted to save people and he was a shinobi so he faced difficulty living like a demon slayer which is said by Demon Slayer Corp Master. He thanks him also. Sound Hashira remembers that moment and thanks his master in Demon Slatyer for this moment. Gyutaro said the poison is affecting him slowly. He mocks the demon and says he feels good like never before. Then he attacks the demon and separates the brother and sister by spreading bombs on them. Due to this Daki’s head separated from her body. Then he attacks Gyutaro and almost cuts his head but he dought it and just gets the scratch on his neck. Daki then screams and asks why her head was cut down and says she will kill him.

Then Zenitsu and Inosuke come there for help. Now Tanjiro also comes for their help. Makio and Sumao also ask the villagers to leave the village. Sound Hashira praises for the entry of the demon slayers. Gyutaro warns him and says he will kill all of them. Now Tanjiro thinks that they are two demons and how this happened. Why Daki is not dead yet? Is this really the upper six demon? Tanjiro is now getting the problem. His hands are now shaking but he knows he will win this fight.

Daki says they will win because the Sound Hashira will lose because of the poison in his body. He tells his demon-slayer friend that he will fight normally and perfectly. Daki mocks him and then Hashira says he doesn’t know human strength. He says these three are so powerful and they both don’t know it. They will fight if their hands and legs are cut. Also, he knows how he will kill both of them. Sound Hashira says they need to cut both of Daki and Gyutaro’s heads cut in the same time. This is the reason he can’t absorb her sister. If they both are separated then killing both of them is harder.


Inosuke said this is an easy task then Daki said this is not easy to kill them at the same time. He said he ate seven Hashiras. She said none of them were alive in the morning. Then the demon attacks them and Zenitsu shows his lightning speed and throws her in the sky. Inosuke said they killed the Female Demon and Sound Hashira and Tanjiro should focus on Gyutaro. Gyutaro said he would not let her sister get killed. Now Zenitsu said to Daki that she would say sorry to the little girl whose ear she bleeds. Daki said in this city girls are like an object and people sell them if they are beautiful. If the girl is not beautiful then people do not consider them even a human and are not given food as well. Then Zenitsu says it’s not necessary that things which was done with you in the past will you done with them now. Daki gets mad now she wants to kill all of them like they liked previous people.

Now Tanjiro is focused because Sound Hashira was poisoned already. Tanjiro is waiting for the demon when he moves he also attacks the demon. Suddenly the demon attacked but Sound Hashira saved him. Now the sound of Hashira’s battle with the demon. Now Tanjiro sees from the upper that Daki attacked him with her belt but Tanjiro saves himself using his sword. Then Inosuke reached there and saw three eyes of Daki. Daki said now she can see the move of every person. Now she can show them the real power of her. Inosuke and Zenitsu fight with Daki. Gyutaro also fights with the Sound Hashira. The battle gets intense and the Sound Hashira gets injured. When the demon’s blood demon art starts from behind Tanjiro stops him. Tanjiro finds it difficult to stop.


Tanjiro uses his water-breathing style to deflect it. Sound Hashira uses his technique to stop the Gyutaro. Now Zenitsu and Inosuke fight with Daki and this fight is very difficult for them. Also, Gyutaro’s blood demon art also attacks them as well. Now we see Tanjiro move towards the Sound Hashira and stop the belts. Then Sound Hashira thinks that Tanjiro will not fight for a long time. Now we see Inatsuru watch Tanjiro and Sound Hashira fighting with the demon and she attacks with the kinae. Demon gets irritated now and stops all the attacks with his demon art. Suddenly Sound Hashira attacks the demon and cuts his one leg. One kinae hit Gyutaro’s neck due to which he can’t regenerate and he thinks these weapons stop their powers. Then Tanjiro attacks on the demon’s neck and the episode ends here.

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