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Watch Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 1 Subbed Online

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Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 1 Overview

Demon Slayer Season 3 which is also known as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc has 11 episodes. It adopts the story from Volume 12 (Chapter 98 onwards) of the manga series Demon Slayer. The Japanese name of the Demon Slayer is 劇場版 鬼滅の刃 無限列車編 and it aired date April 9, 2023, to June 18, 2023. It premiered in spring 2023. The average duration of the episodes is 24 minutes. This arc is finished already and the next arc will be the Hashira training arc. The opening theme song of Demon Slayer “Ketsui no Hikari” is performed by MAN WITH A MISSION and Milet. The lyrics and composition are by Jean-Ken Johnny, with arrangement by MAN WITH A MISSION and cooperation by Chisato Ichinose. The ending theme song “Koikogare” is also performed by MAN WITH A MISSION and Milet. 

The name of the first episode is Someone’s Dream. The story continued where the Entainment arc was ended. All the Demon Slayers Tanjiro, Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Nezuko were assembled in one place after the death of Upper-Rank Demon 6. Master Kagaya said that this time the new demon slayer would surely kill the demon king Muzan after the death of Upper Rank Demon 6. Master Kagaya said that after one hundred years finally, we would kill all the upper-rank demons and the demon king.


Then the scene shifts from the Infinity castle where all the upper-rank demons are assembled. The first demon who came into the castle was Akaza then the other upper-ranking demon arrived. Muzan was angry on the upper moon because of the death of the upper demon rank 6. In the castle, after the assembly of all the demons, Doma tries to mock Akaza, and in anger, he cuts the head of Doma who is an upper-rank 2 demon. In this scene, we can see for the first time all the upper-rank demons which is upper-rank demon 1 Kokoshibo we can see. Due to upper rank 1, all the demons there are feared and do not go against him. After that, Muzan comes and gets angry at all the upper-rank demons.

Tanjiro gets up from the coma and meets everyone in the Demon Slayer academy. After some time, he gets cured by doing exercise and fighting practice. After the proper care and treatment, he gets cured and then Tanjiro goes to the Rengoku family for the meeting. He met with Rengoku’s younger brother and told him everything. Then he met with Rengoku’s father and they started fighting him.

We can see all rank demons from Upper Rank 1 to Upper Rank 5 which are Kokoshibo, Douma, Akaza, Hantengu, and Gyokko along with the owner of the house which was the Biwa-Playing woman. Muzan asks Akaza for the Spider Lilly and another demon for the success of the mission. But all of the demons failed in their mission. All of the upper ranks explained their own failure story. But Gyokko tells Muzan that he found something that will get him closer to his success one more step and then the demon king cuts his head and holds it on his palm. Gyokko was very happy because lord Muzan held his head and Gyokko continuously smiled.


Gyokko revealed the village of the Swordsmiths which needed to be destroyed so the Demon Slayer were weakened. Muzan sends two of his upper ranks to destroy the village. After that, all the upper-rank demons are returned to their original place. Now the Seen shift from the Demon Slayer Academy.

Despite that, Tanjiro, who had been in a coma for 2 months, saw a dream where he saw a man who looked exactly like him greet a stranger with long red hair like Tanjiro. In the dream, he can see his family where Tanjiro’s father holds Tanjiro and his mother is lying. Tanjiro’s father thanked the stranger person who wore the same earring that was worn by Tanjiro. That person’s name was Youriichi which was a great demon slayer. Also, he was the person who created all the breathing styles. His style was Sun Breathing. Youriichi’s family was already dead but he took an oath to kill all the demons that’s why he was helping the Tanjiro family.

He wakes up with tears in his eyes and is later informed that he needs to go to the Swordsmith’s village so that he can get his new sword crafted by his swordsmith who was angry with him to lose his previous sword. Tanjiro is blindfolded in the village while carrying his demon sister Nezuko on his back because the location of the village is a matter of extreme secret. Here all the swords for Demon Slayer were made.

At the Swordsmith’s Village, he meets with Mitsuri Kanroji, the Love Hashira who informs him that there’s a secret weapon in the village and he should try to find it and try it. While soaking at the hot springs, Tanjiro meets Wind Hashira Sanemi’s younger brother whose name is Genya Shinazugawa who seems to have lost a tooth. After a great bath, Tanjiro and Nezuko arrive at the place where they will stay and rest. They enjoy a delicious meal with love hashira. After Love Hashira talks, Tanjiro investigates the place for the secret weapon that makes him the great demon slayer. He saw a little child who had a figure standing behind him which reminded him of the mysterious character he’d seen in his dream.

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In this episode, we see all the upper moon demons and Muzan with his infinity Castle. Also, we saw Tanjiro who was in a coma for the past few months. For his sword, we want to go to the Sword Smith Village to make his Katana to kill demons. He takes permission from the Village Chief and is carried by the demon slayer corps people blindfolded carrying his sister. We hope you love this episode.

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