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In the Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 10: Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji, Mitsuri battled with Zohakuten. Mitsuri used his weapon skill to cut the dragon into different pieces and told him to leave Genya and Nezuko. For this, Zohakuten insulted Mitsuri and attacked her. Demon and Mitsuri are suggested to be the same age but hearing such bad words frustrates Mitsuri.

While she was busy scolding him clone demon used a thunder attack in order to kill Matsuri but she managed to dodge all the attacks without any hassle. Seeing the Mitsuri potential Tanjiro was in awe. This stunned the clone demon as well as she was the same age as the demon. The sword speed and agility of Mitsuri’s attack were so furious that no one was actually able to watch their attack. This is due to the sword’s shape which is unique in many manners that’s why Mitsuri was able to use the sword full potential.

Now the dragon used another attack on Mitsuri but now she used Love breathing form II and killed the Dragon’s neck. Looking at this makes Zohakuten more worried so he uses Demon Blood art to countless attacks for Mitsuri. He tapped the drum multiple times and many dragons appeared from the ground which made Mitsuri a little bit worried.

Mitsuri use Love Breathing form 5 to cut down all the dragon and realize that she had to cut down the demon’s neck in order to get rid of the demon. But she doesn’t know that it’s not the actual body of the demon. Tanjiro was about to warn her but it was a little bit late. As she gets near to demon’s neck, Hantengu uses a sonic sound to throw her off his side.


It hurts Mitsuri and Nezuko cuts his limbs to save Mitsuri from that attack. However, this attack didn’t affect much Mitsuri as she stiffened her muscles during the attack. After this brutal attack, she stand tall and stronger making Zohakuten more frustrated. So he decided to eat Mitsuri to absorb all his power as he knew she was one of the strongest hashira that lived on the planet.

Zohakuten decided to punch her but at that moment she was thinking about her past. The flashback took her to the age of 17 when she was looking for a boy for her wedding. However, the boy rejects the proposal because of his strong body and colorful hair and doesn’t want their child as the same as the Mitsuri

She was 8x stronger than her age and carried a stone that was double her weight. That’s why her diet was about 3 sumo wrestlers. In childhood, she used to do arm wrestling and her appetite was not a cup of tea for anyone to satisfy her hunger. Also, she defeated many arm wrestlers at a young age. This strength becomes a nightmare for the matsuri because nobody wants that kind of girl in their local town.

When she is rejected by the boy she dyes her hair and tries to control her appetite to look a more natural girl. At the same time, she feels awkward as well because she pretends to become someone else which she is not. She always has a fear of not getting a partner.

After that, she joined the Demon Slayer Corps and thanked her family for making her more powerful. She was offered food by Obinao who gave her a new pair of Green socks. Also, he assured that if she lost this pair then he would definitely buy her a new pair of socks. That’s why she always wears that pair of socks every time. Now the story is back to the present where they are all attacked by the clone demon.


Now the story comes back to the present where Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya manage to escape the punch of Zohakuten. They grab her from the Zohakuten back and protect her. Mitsuri uses her full potential to slash the attack into the air and promises that she will never let anyone die.

Mitsuri was not sure that this type of power for a girl was not natural for any girl but now she had to show her full potential. Now she told everyone to find the main body and attack with full potential. Also, she had to increase her heartbeat in order to reach the power to full body. However, Zohakuten knows the plan so he sends similar dragons on the way for the other members. Mitsuri cut all the dragons into pieces and made the way so that they would find the actual body.

Genya asked Tanjiro to find the actual body so they could kill them so Tanjiro used his sense to find the Hantengu. She was able to slice the dragon in multiple ways but Hantengu was surprised to see her speed and agility of her. He noticed the birthmark and wondered what it meant.

Tanjiro senses the Hantengu inside a tree. To reach him Genya pressed the sword toward the hidden tree but all hung up in the middle of the tree. Now Genya bites the tree to get the power inside him so that he can defeat the hantengu. Genya has a special ability to absorb the power of the demon for some time which increases his regeneration power. Just after Genya bites the tree, Tanjiro tries to attack the Hantengu but the bark magically tries to hold Tanjiro.


Nezuko uses his demon blood art and tanjiro fuses its attack to open up the fangs. The flame dance used by the tanjiro is one of the strongest techniques used by any member of the corps. As the tree opens up Hantengu runs away from them.

Tanjiro scowled at Hantengu for running away as he warned him that he had to pay for his karma. Hantengu also gets a flashback of his evil deeds and cries because someone called him a two-faced liar. But he still ran away from all to survive his life.

Something flips in Tanjiro who is finally frustrated and screams at him not to run as he should take responsibility for his evil deeds. As he runs after him, Hantengu stumbles and cries that he is only responsible for his own actions. Genya throws away a tree at Hantengu and Nezuko tries to attack him and the episode ends here.

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