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In the Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 11: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3 which has a title named ‘A Connected Bond: Daybreak and First Light’. In this episode we will see the original demon killed by Tanjiro, there is a beautiful ending to this season where we can see a beautiful bond between Tanjiro and Nezuko. Also, we see the death of the demon Hantengu.

So, the episode starts with Genya, Nezuko, and Tanjiro. Three of them searching for Hantengu and Tanjiro is worried that Mitsuri must be exhausted while the sunrise is close. His broken left leg slows him down and then he remembers Zenitsu’s words of how in Thunder Breathing, the focus is on the legs. In this technique, he can concentrate the flow of blood in his legs so all of his power comes in his legs.

The question is Tanjiro able to find the original Hantengu? With total concentration, he put all of his strength into his other leg and he suddenly crossed Genya and Nezuko and reached Hantengu. Tanjiro cut his neck, and suddenly his size grows twice his size. He squeezes Tanjiro and Genya’s neck due to which Tanjiro loosen his grip.

Nezuko uses her blood demon art to burn Hantengu and Genya is able to free Tanjiro. Nezuko’s blood demon art which burns demon also start burning Genya. Genya realizes that he has eaten demons. He sees Tanjiro in the flames but Tanjiro continues to cut through Hantengu’s neck.

Hantengu runs off a cliff with Tanjiro still holding onto him. Nezuko follows them and they fall. Demon’s arms are torn, due to which he thinks these arms are not regenerating because all of his power was used by Zohakuten. Hantengu finds a human to eat and gain his power back. As he walks off with Tanjiro’s sword stuck in his neck, he senses many humans. But Tanjiro is stuck in the tree and can’t move on his own.

Then, the worried Hantengu spots three swordsmiths and runs after to eat them. Tanjiro frees himself and sees that Nezuko is unconscious. He suddenly hears Tokito’s voice who throws the 300 years old sword at him. Haganezuka is very angry and hits Tokito as he warns Tanjiro that he has only sharpened the first half. But Tokito tells him to catch the sword before the sun rises and he faints.


Tanjiro again uses Zenitsu’s Total Concentrate to reach Hantengu and cut his neck successfully. He sees that the sun is rising and tries to run to save Nezuko. He is unable to speak or warn her that she will die if sunlight falls on her. Nezuko starts running towards him and Tanjiro is scared. As he catches her she keeps pointing behind him and he is confused. He turns to see Hantengu’s beheaded body still chasing the swordsmiths.

He then noticed that the word on the head is ‘Resentment’ and that it is a clone as the original body has the word ‘coward’. As he is about to attack, the sunlight burns Nezuko. Genya is also stuck on the top of the cliff while Tokito is unconscious. Tanjiro knows he won’t be able to reach Hantengu with Nezuko. Tanjiro thinks that he will not reach Hantengu but still, he thinks that the demon will killed by the sunlight and killed.

Tanjiro doesn’t want his sister to die but Nezuko just kicks him in the direction of Hantengu. He remembers their time together after Nezuko turned into a demon. Nezuko closes her eyes and Tanjiro cries but he promises to not let her sacrifice be in vain. Then Tanjiro smells the original body of Hantengu and finds that the original body of the demon is inside the heart of Resentment Clone. Just then, the clone catches the swordsmiths and tries to eat them. Tanjiro uses thunder-style breathing and catches the Hantengu and cuts him to pieces. When the original body falls apart he attacks the real Hantengu body.

At that moment, Hantengu’s backstory flashes before him. A blind person asks why he would steal from their kind supporter. Hantengu as the human who pretends to be blind cries that he is not to be blamed but his hands. Before the blind man can call the authorities, Hantengu kills the blind man brutally. The Judge investigates and finds that Hantengu is wanted for theft and murder in other towns as well.

The Judge also realizes that he can see. He declares that his hands are to be blamed. So the judge decided to cut off his hands. Hantengu then sees Muzan who promises to help him. Muzan gave blood to Hantengu and made him a demon. Hantengu then goes to kill the Judge. He cuts the judge’s head before his death the judge says that he will pay for his sins. Hantengu tries to stop Tanjiro but the slayer successfully cuts off his head. The remaining pieces of Hantengu burn in the sun and Tanjiro falls thinking that he lost his young sister.

Tanjiro is crying for the lost of his sister but suddenly the swordsmiths tell him to turn and look at her sister. He is surprised to see that his sister Nezuko is alive and her burned skin have also healed. The piece of bamboo which is in her mouth also falls and she greetings his old brother Tanjiro “Good Morning”. She hardly speak but she says she is fine. Tanjiro is glad that his sister is alive and he hug her while crying. All the standing swordsmiths’s are also crying to watch Nezuko and Tanjiro. Genya also surprised to watch all the scenerio and can not believe his eyes. Tanjiro was unconcious but he is glad that Nezuko is fine and alive.


In the mean time, Mitsuri is trying to stop Zohakuten and his dragons. She thinks she is going to die and swollows by the dragons of Zohakuten. Suddenly the dragons and Zohakuten disappears and she realisis that Tanjiro has already killed the original demon Hantengu.

At the same time and somewhere, a woman and her servent ask her son Toshikuni if he is alright after his room in mess and all the books are disorder and falls on the ground. She offers to help him to find the book he has been searching for. The boy switch to his real identity and turns out to be demon king Muzan. Muzan learned from Hantengu and Gyokko that Nezuko can survive the sun.

He kills his mother and laughs as he realises that he doesn’t need to look for the blue Spider Lily flower anymore. Watching this incident, the maid looks scared as Muzan turns back into his true form and cheerfully says that he can finally resist the sun if he kill and eat Nezuko. As the maid screams and ask for help, he kills her and leave the house.

Now the scene shifted to the origin story of Muzan. Muzan remember that it all started 1000 years ago. He remembers, he is angry because of a fraud doctor but is the only one who knows how to save him from his illness. In starting, Muzan listens all of his way but as he doesn’t get better he kills the doctor. But he realises that the doctor was perhaps right as his medicine turns him into powerful demon. He starts craving of human flesh and blood. Then he starts eating human without any thought.

The side effect of this medicine is that he can’t go out in the sun anymore as it would burn him to death. He check the research of the doctor and find that he needs the Blue Spider Lily flower but has no idea to find it. Now, he regets killing the doctor who knew about the medicine. Since then, he start finding for the flower to create the medicine or else any demon who can withstand the sun. Now that he has found that Nezuko can tolerate the sun light without any harm. He will consume him and cure for this side effect. Also, he don’t need to create any demon.


In the Swordsmith village, Tokito runs to Tanjiro who is being carried by Nezuko and the two boys are glad for each other that they survived. Tokito thanks him for helping him. They are interrupted by a voilent Haganezuka who asks about the 300-year-old sword. Tanjiro tell him that he has no idea about the sword and Haganezuka got angry on breaking the sword.

Tanjiro tell Nezuko to run and Haganezuka chases them. All the group of swordsmiths and others are tried to stop them. Mitsuri rushes over as well and hugs everyone as she is happy they won from the Upper rank demons. Nezuko says she is happy as well and Mitsuri is shocked that she can speak a little bit. She hugs Nezuko very happily.

At the meantime, Tamayo thank you Tanjiro to bringing the blood of the Twelve Kizuki and Nezuko as it will help find a cure for her. She updates him that the last demon that Muzan had created is free from his control due to Nezuko’s blood. He just needs to drink very small amount of blood to survive.

Nezuko’s blood is changing every time but she surprises why she has not been able to change back to human as she was in the previous. She also suspects that she already priorites something else than her human nature and not convert into a demon. She has also predicted that Nezuko may be able to resist the sun in the future, which has also come true.

Now in the final scene, the swordsmiths fixing their village and tanjiro thanking the chief as well. Nezuko was also tired and sleep in the box which is carried by Tanjiro. Haganezuka hides near the villae exit to watch Tanjiro off but he is still angry at him for using his sword. He pokes Tanjiro’s face and Kotestu tries to stop him.

Village chief was happy and said that Haganezuka also come to see off Tanjiro first time. The young demon slayer thanks them for the their new swords and Haganezuko also tell Tanjiro that he will fix the 300 year old sword and bring to him very soon. Kotestu also notices that Haganezuka is similing and it angers him as he starts hurling him around.

Both Tanjiro and Nezuko finally leave the village but the Kakushi stops midway. Tanjiro is confused to see this and then he is allowed to take his blindfold off. He is delighted to see the whole village celebrating and thanking him for his help. The Kakushi make this an exception and allows him to keep the blindfold off till they exit from the village.

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