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In Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 4: Kimetsu no Yaiba season 3 starts with Tokito Muichiro, the Mist Hashira who kills the fish minion by cutting the vase which is created by Gyokko, the potted demon. Kotetsu is scared and hugs Tokito. He is crying and thank you for saving him.

Tokito tells Kotestu to leave the place but he tells him that Kanamori is also being attacked by the Demon as he is trying to protect Haganezuka who is fixing the 300-year-old sword. Kotetsu requested him to save them and Tokito suddenly heard Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s words in his mind telling him that he would soon find himself. Tokito is heavily injured and has lost all of his memories.

As a temporary solution, Ubuyashiki tells him to just continue living which leads to his current effortless self. However, he tells him that a simple and small thing can trigger his old memories back. Tokito holds Kotestu on him and starts running towards Kanamori but he is unsure if he is doing the right thing by leaving the village unprotected.

The scene shifts where Tanjiro accidentally cuts the clone of Urogi who has the wings and regrets it because the demon spits into two more clones. Then he realizes his attack is weaker as each clone is an emotion like joy and sadness, and the more they split, their power divides. As Urogi attacks, his clones disappear, and Tanjiro realizes he cannot turn into infinite clones and there’s a limit. But Tanjiro is unable to stop Urogi as he keeps attacking perhaps he cut him into more clones.


Meantime, Nezuko is trying to stop Karaku who is the pleasure clone with the maple leaf fan while Genya is bleeding from being stabbed by Aizetsu, the sorrow clone’s spear. Sekido, the angry clone is angry with Karaku and wants him to kill Nezuko but he keeps messing with her.

When Aizetsu tries to remove his spear, he is shot by Genya in the head, but later his head grows again. As he finally puts out his weapon, Genya chants the Amida Sutra and jumps to kill the Aizetsu. Both the clones of Hantengu are shocked that Genya is still not dead yet. Aizetsu kicks Genya and he throws him to another room. He continuously chants and points his gun at the demon clone.

By watching this fight, Karaku feels excited and wants to join them. He kicks Nezuko and Genya thinking that it will kill her. But Nezuko kicked him back and used her demon blood art. She uses his own fan to blow him away. Sekido is amazed and stabs her in the neck with his staff and attacks her with the lighting.

At the same time, the whole scene is shifted to Tanjiro where he tries to figure out the way to defeat Urogi and help Nezuko and Genya. He pretends to run away and as Urogi attacks, Tanjiro stabs him in the mouth. He uses the clone’s body to fly back to the house and Sekido is surprised. He tries to attack Tanjiro with the lighting but Tanjiro stops it with Urogi’s leg.


Tanjiro then cut Sekido’s tongue as he found out that the clones regenerate more slowly if their tongues are damaged. But, the staff stuck in the Sekido is out, Sekido heals quickly and attacks. Nezuko blocks the attack but just that time Karaku appears and attacks. Tanjiro and Nezuko fall through on the floor and almost black out as Karaku laughs that he can finally kill them.

Meanwhile, the villagers sound the alarm to alert everyone in the village of the demon attack. The Swordsmiths try to attack the fish minions but seem to be losing. At the time, Mitsuri who had been assigned to a nearby village runs to rescue them and is guided by their crow to a safe place.

In the end script, we see the story of Mitsuri who was 19 years old and an art student who wanted to make people happy with her painting. She was thinking about when she would find the man of her dreams, their parents said that no man would like her as she was glutton and overpowered. But in her surroundings, we see that she is extremely famous among boys in the academy. This episode ends here.

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