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In the previous episode of Demon Slayer Episode 4, we see the Mist Hashira run to save Kanamori from the Fish Minion which was sent by Upper Moon 5 Gyokko. The Mist Hashiro Tokito kills the Fish Minion and asks him for the Sword and Kotetsu is surprised to see the dedication of the Hashira. In the current episode, Kanamori does not mind and says Tanjiro told him to help by making a sword for the Mist Hashira and by hearing this Tokito was surprised. Then Kotetsu reminds them of Haganezuka and they look for him in the forest. Kanamori saw that Tokito’s sword was chipped when he was fighting with the demon. After watching the chipped sword he asks Tokito to make a sword for him that is lying in the hut. Nevertheless, before reaching the hut, the upper demon 5 Gyokko tries to stop them.

In the swordsmith village, the fish minion destroys the village. When everyone lost hope then love Hashira Mitsuri came to save them. She fights with all the Fish minions, kills them all, and runs to save the village chief. The village Chief was in the hand of a fish minion and suddenly with only one swordsmith trying to save him. He loses all the hopes but Love Hashira Mitsuri comes to rescue their life at the right time. The subordinate sees that her sword also doubles up as a whip and he admires it as he realizes the chief made it for her. In one attack, she kills the Fish minion and catches the village chief who is very happy that he was caught by the Love Hashira.


The Scene shifts where the Upper Demon 4’s clone attacking Nezuko and Tanjiro as they try to run. Sekido the clone demon attacked with the lighting on Nezuko and she was blacked out. Tanjiro wakes up first and runs with her as Karaku chases them. He throws them out of the house, and Nezuko wakes up and holds on to Tanjiro’s Blade. With this, the house is destroyed and the clones start searching for the siblings in the destroyed building. Nezuko is stuck under scrap but she keeps holding on to the blade till her hands bleed and Tanjiro is confused.

Gyokko attacks Tokito by creating a minion with the 5 swordsmiths he consumes. But the swordsmiths are still alive and can feel pain. By watching this, Tokito gets annoyed and attacks Gyokko who keeps escaping but is furious that Tokito sliced his vase and does not appreciate his art. While Tokito realizes that just beheading is enough to kill Gyokko, the potted demon attacks Kotetsu and Kanamori with fish needles. Tokito doesn’t protect himself and runs towards them and instead is pierced everywhere by the poisoned needles. He tells the two swordsmiths to run and hide as he faces off the potted demon. Gyokko traps the mist hashira Tokito in the water prison and tells them he will die slowly in the water as he tries the waste attacks to save himself.

After that, he says that he will destroy the village due to which the demon slayer gets weak. This will make it easier for the demons to kill Ubuyashiki. At the time, Nezuko uses her demon art to transfer her power to Tnjiro’s black sword which turns his flaming sword into red color. As Tanjiro moves to attacks, he suddenly gets an inherited memory of the 30-year-old slayer. A woman had marvelled at his sword which had similarly been black but turned red when he fought. Tanjiro is confused but he thinks that his sword turned red because of Nezuko’s demon art. He was inspired by all the people along the way who have helped him and steels his mind to repay their kindness by defeating the demons. He confronts the clones while Urogi and Karaku just laugh at him.


However, Sekido, was has a memory of Muzan, realizes that the sword is similar to the 300-year-old slayer who almost killed the demon king Muzan. He sees that Tanjiro’s scar has changed into the same scar the slayer had and as he strikes, Sekido sees a vision of the slayer behind him. In one form, Tanjiro easily beheads all three clones simultaneously. He recalls that he used the same form to behead all the clones which needed to be cut at the same time. As he looks for the fourth clone, Aizetsu he sees that Genya has already beheaded him. The timing overjoys Tanjiro, as it has now stopped all 4 clones from regenerating once and all. But when he rushes to him he sees that Genya’s eyes are black and he is foaming in his mouth.

In this episode, Tanjiro and Nezuko ask Mitsuri how she shealthes her whip-like sword. She easily sheathes it and they cheer. She is touched that they found it cool and exaggerated her up. She repeatedly shows her attacks and they keep motivating her.

So in this episode, we can see many exciting scenes. The next episode of Demon Slayer has gained the full hype, a rushed pace which is evident even in Season 3. Despite taking up the first half of the season, it did not seem that Tanjiro would be of much help in rescuing Tokito as he already has his hands full of activities. We love to watch the different attacks of the demon slayers, but also Genya changes into the demon form and kills the demons not in their human form. In addition, he looks hopeful, he does not bite off Tanjiro’s head or get himself killed before we can see his cool transformation. Therefore, this is all about the episode and we hope you love this episode.

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