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Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 6 Dubbed, Watch Demon Slayer English Dubbed Episode 6 Online, Demon Slayer S03 Episode 6 English Dubbed Online. Top favorite ranked Japanese most watched anime, Demon Slayer Anime in English Subbed Download HD quality full. You can easily watch full episodes of Demon Slayer Anime.

In Episode 6 of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba season 3 which has a title named “Aren’t you going to be a Hashira?” starting with Tanjiro sees Genya’s strange facial appearance. He suddenly sees that even though the four clones are decapitated, they are regenerating. Tanjiro rescues Nezuko from the ruins, he starts feeling that there is a fifth clone.

Suddenly, he suddenly chokes Tanjiro and tells him that he will be the one to defeat the Upper-Rank Demon and become a Hashira. After that Tanjiro raised his voice and supported him to become a Hashira and watching this Genya became confused. That time all of the Demon clones healed and attacked them. Tanjiro tells Genya in the middle of the fight to find the fifth demon.

Karaku accidentally blasts the sulphuric smell and Tanjiro uses his perfect sense of smell to find the fifth demon, the original demon named Hantengu who hiding underground. Tanjiro asks Genya to find the fifth demon and kill him. However, Tanjiro and Nezuko aren’t doing well in trying to hold the clones off. At the same time, Tokito is stuck in the water prison which he can not break. He knows that he will run out of air soon while Gyokko stares.


Now returning to the clones, Aizetsu stabs Nezuko but Tanjiro is faster and Sekido realizes that he is quick at adapting to the situation. Then Nezuko uses her demon art and watching this Sekido gets worried. Meanwhile, Genya is unable to find the fifth demon Hantengu which has a small body like a mouse who is so powerful.

Tanjiro with the help of Nezuko Blood demon art slices the demon but Hantengu is too powerful and the sword breaks. At that moment, Sekido aims for his neck from behind and Genya resigns to his fate as he knows that he cannot regenerate if his neck gets sliced or stabbed. Genya starts remembering his past in his regrets such as wanting to be acknowledged by his older brother, Sanemi Shinazugawa for that he becomes a hashira and apologizes for his past incident.

In these past memories, we see that he feels sad for his mother who had a small body and was very hard working and never slept. His father beats his mother and his brother. She always protects his brothers and sister from his father’s attacks. One day someone murdered his father. After some time, one night Sanemi’s mother did not come home, and he and Genya started worrying. Genya wants to go look for her with him but Sanemi makes him promise to stay at home.

Sanemi’s brother and sister wake up and they wait for their mother all night. Genya takes the role of an older brother and goes out to find his mother and bring her back. Just as the sun rises, they hear a voice and as they open the door someone enters Genya’s house and kills all his siblings. Sanemi came and took that person from the house and Genya followed him. Genya goes to find a doctor for their injured siblings but they are all dead.


After that, he ran for help, and he suddenly found his older brother Sanemi standing over the body of their mother after killing her. Genya is feared and runs to her while swearing at him. Now Genya understands what happened that night and wants to apologize to his older brother. In the blink of death, Genya says he never apologized as he realizes his mother was a demon and Sanemi killed her thinking she was a stranger. He feels guilty for not trying to understand his brother. He knows what his brother Sanemi has gone through after killing his own mother to protect his brother. He then remembers after their father is killed. Sanemi promises to protect his family but is sad they failed.

Suddenly he hears Sanemi say that a coward like him can never be his brother. Then we can find that Genya can’t use any breathing technique which he can never become a hashira. At a point in time, Tanjiro comes to rescue his life and tells him not to give up. As he attacks Sekido, he tells Genya to just focus on killing Hantengu.

After that, Aizetsu attacks Tanjiro and then he attacks on Tanjiro. But he was unable to protect himself. But he realizes he is safe as Genya shields him and holes are blown in his body. Genya says that he cannot kill Hantengu and gives the same task to Tanjiro as he fights with these clones. Tanjiro finally finds Hantengu and draws his sword at him.

In the conclusion, Tanjiro asks Genya if he is fine as he has not eaten since they met at the Butterfly Manson. Genya is angry that he always tries to get into his business. Tanjiro says that he is a friend since they both bath in the hot spring and entered the final selection in the same year. Genya says he hates Tanjiro’s friendly nature but after some time he looks fine to work with him in future missions.

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