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The episode of Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 7: Kimetsu no Yaiba season 3 titled “Awful Villain” starts with Tanjiro chasing Hantengu till he captures him and tries to cut his neck. Tanjiro almost cut his neck suddenly another demon comes to save Hantengu. The name of the new demon is Zohakuten. When Tanjiro tries to kill Hantengu quickly the hate demon reaches him. That time Genya tries to help but fails because Tanjiro is in between the attack. The Hate clone named Zohakuten finally attacks and Tanjiro is attacked by a huge wooden serpent with multiple heads. Nezuko saves Tanjiro but his limbs get bitten by the wooden serpent in the attack.

Now, the Hate Demon introduced himself when Nezuko recovered herself. Tanjiro realizes that the other clones of the demon are missing and then Genya tells the whole incident. To know Tanjiro will kill Hantengu, Sekido suddenly absorbs all of the remaining clones and transforms into Zohakuten. Before Tanjiro and Genya attack the demon, Zohakuten hides the small demon Hantengu in the wooden Serpent. Tanjiro tries to stop Zohakuten but that demon makes it difficult for the two slayers to breathe with just one glace. His presence was so heavy that both of the demon slayers were difficult to move. That demon called Tanjiro and Genya a villain for tormenting someone weak like Hantengu.


Tanjiro said that Hantengu is not weak and kills a lot of innocent people. He and his clones have devoured hundreds of weak people. He calls out Zohakuten on his hypocrisy and gets ready to attack. Zohakuten says he hasn’t hurt him so he has no reason to attack. Tanjiro says being family is not the only reason to help others and they fight.

Meanwhile, the scene shifts towards Tokito who is still stuck in the water prison. Gyokko enjoys the sight and gushes over his creative trap. Gyokko is very curious about what is in the hut and Tokito tries to hide and goes to investigate. At that moment, the mist Hashira realizes he only has enough breath for one last attack but his sword is chipped. Tokito feels helpless and hopeless and wishes someone could help him. At that moment, he sees Tanjiro who says there is no surety what will happen in the future, He also knows that Tanjiro said something like to him and wonders if it is a memory with someone else.

Now Gyokko heads to investigate the hut where he finds Kanamori hiding with a sword. He tries to attack but Gyokko easily injures him and he wonders what Kanamori protects. He spots Haganezuka who is polishing the 300-year-old sword. He does his work with so much concentration that it irritates the pot demon. He is so engrossed in his work that he does not pay attention to Gyokko. This incident makes angers the demon who feels jealous about his focus. He attacks him but Haganezuka doesn’t stop even though he is bleeding that time.


Gyokko gets angry which makes him attack the swordsmith with a mask. Then the mask fell down yet he didn’t stop. Haganezuka instead wonders why the swordsmith who made this legendary sword made only one letter on the sword instead of his full name and marvels at the determination to make such a powerful sword. Now it becomes a challenge for Gyokko who knows that he can kill Haganezuka easily. But by doing this his pride is lost so he aims to lose Haganezuka his focus.

Inside the water prison, Tokito’s vision starts to blur as he runs out of air. Suddenly, Tokito starts dreaming that Tanjiro tells him not to give up as someone is weak. He should have been strong but he underestimated himself. At that moment, Kotetsu shows up and starts to stab the water prison. Tokito continuously tells him to stop forcing because it’s no use and he should just run away with all the swords to safety. At that moment, a fish minion attacks and injures Kotetsu. Tokito requests him to run but Kotetsu doesn’t stop to help the Hashira to escape from the water prison.

Tokito does not understand why the kid is trying to save him even though he is injured. But at that moment, Kotetsu puts his face in prison and blows some air to give him breath to Tokito. That time, again he saw a last dream of Tanjiro giving him one last piece of wisdom that What you give others they will come back to you. He changes into someone from Tokito’s past and adds that humans get unimaginable strength when they need to help others. Tokito attacks and breaks the water prison. As gets up, he remembers the person who was giving him the lesson was his father and he had the same red eyes as Tanjiro.


In the end, we can see that when Tanjiro was searching for Haganezuka, the swp0rdsmith was working out in the secret. Kotetsu is surprised and he remembers why Haganezuka says that his slayer puts his life on the line so he is under more pressure to give him the perfect sword. Kotetsu then says that the knife the swordsmith used to chase Tanjiro was made by Haganezuka. It is so sharp that he is scared to use it for cooking which makes it pointless. Haganezuka hears it and starts chasing the kid with it and the episode ends here.

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