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In Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 8: Kimetsu no Yaiba season 3 titled ‘The Mu in Muichiro’ begins with Tokito escaping the water prison and removing the numbing needles from his body. He saw Kotetsu being injured and several fish minions approaching him. Tokito was feeling weak at that time and he was not sure he could protect Kotetsu from the fish minion. Suddenly he saw a person who cheering him and he recognized him as his father who was dead in an accident.

Now, a flashback starts, we see that his father woodcutter. His mother is sick and Tokito takes care of her while his father searches for herbs in the rain. His father died in the rain falling from a cliff and due to the lack of treatment, her mother also died from the fever. Their parents died when he was 10. He was not alone as he had a twin old brother named Yuichiro.

Muichiro is a kind and hardworking child like his father while Yuichiro is a worrier who doesn’t believe in helping others. He says his father was a fool who was going to save her mother and left them, orphans, as no herb would save their mother. Muichiro is shocked to hear all of this from his brother. His brother said to Muichiro that the ‘Mu’ in Muichiro means incompetence and meaningless.


Because of his brother, he never feels alone, either till now Muichiro does not know he had a big brother because of his lost memory. One day, while getting water, he sees a beautiful woman who comes to them with an offer but Yuichiro refuses her. Muichirop later finds out that she is Amane, the wife of Master Kagaya Ubuyahiki. She came to Muichiro and his brother because their family comes from the bloodline of the demon slayer who uses the first breathing style technique.

Muichiro is very kind and also wants to save people from the demons but his older brother refuses to join them. He says that Muichiro is like their parents who wanted to save others but could not even save themselves and also their mother fell sick after working so hard. Yuichiro is so upset that he tried to stop them but they never listened to him which led to their deaths.

He told his brother that they were kids and they had no value, Amane must be plotting something to use them. After hearing this from his older brother, they both stop talking with each other. They both have a huge fight as Yuichiro throws water on Amane who keeps visiting them. After that incident, Amane stops visiting them and they both live silently together and can barely stand each other. One night, both wake up suddenly they see a demon in their house. As the demon attacked, Yuichiro tried to save Muichiro and during that time the demon tore off his hand.

The demon calls them useless woodcutters and is about to kill them when something happens to Muichiro. He sees red and when he wakes up, he sees that he has chopped the demon into pieces and piled up all the pieces of his body to the ground in the forest. The demon is not dead yet but suffering till the sun burns him but Muichiro does not care. He suddenly feels weak and crawls back to the house and sees a deadly injury happened to Yuichiro who praying for someone to save Muichiro.

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He says his brother is kind and wants to save people. He tried to stop him but Muichiro should not be blamed for their selfish actions. If anyone wants to punish then punish him, not his brother. Tears come from Muichiro’s eyes and reach for his brother and the flashback ends in the present. He suddenly remembers his brother saying that the ‘Mu” in Muichiro actually stands for Mugen which means limitless. This is the title of the episode.

Now, the two marks show on Muichiro’s face which are demon slayer marks and he easily kills the fish minions. Kotetsu begs him to leave and save Haganezuka and the sword. In the hut, Gyokko is annoyed that despite several injuries the swordsmith, Haganezuka still does not stop repairing the sword. He hurts Kanamori by thinking that it will break his concentration, but before he can make a move, Muichiro stops him by injuring him.

The demon suddenly recognizes that the marks on the slayer’s face are the same as Tanjiro’s forehead scar. Also, he was surprised that Muichiro easily got over the paralysis and released an octopus minion. The octopus grabs him and Gyokko gloats that nothing can cut his minions and says that Muichiro doesn’t stop him. He tells him that he can not cut his octopus to pieces.

He cuts the Octopus and then thanks Kanamori for the Sword. Kanamori says that he just follows the instructions of his previous swordsmith, Tetsuido who is dead. Mucihiro sees that the sword fits him nicely and he recalls Tetsuido worrying that no one would understand him. He understands that the swordsmith is pressured because he does not have his memories and instead, he works hard till he vomits blood.


At the current time, Muichiro apologizes for worrying Tetsuido and says he is now better. He destroys all the vases thrown at him but Gyokko nonstop attacks him. As he fights, he remembers Yuichiro’s last words as he apologizes for not being kinder as he thought he could not afford to be.

At that time he thought no one would save them no matter how righteous they were, so he was selfish in order to protect Muichiro. He holds his bropther’s hand as he is dying and saus that only the chosen ones can be kind as they have limitless power and that Muichiro is the chosen one.

In the postscript, Tanjiro and Nezuko wish Mitsuri wish a happy birthday and the swordsmiths throw a huge feast for her. She is surprised if she can ask for refills and they are shocked at her huge appetite. Tanjiro then reveals that her favorite foods are pork cutlets, omelets, and fancy Western dishes which are all part of the birthday feast.

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